The Nostalgia Project, Pt. 1

Every few months, I get motivated to sort through the dozen or so boxes of “stuff” I’ve got stored away in closets and the basement. The initial goal is to start throwing crap I don’t need out, but I inevitably end up spending two hours looking at old pictures and artifacts from the last couple of decades. Might as well put all that wasted time to good use then, through a series of posts I’m entitling “The Nostalgia Project.” I’ll be posting scans and pictures of some of these photos and artifacts, along with a few choice historical nuggets to explain exactly what you’re looking at. There’s probably about fifteen people in total that’ll have any idea what the heck this stuff is, so the rest of you have my hilarious, accompanying commentary to keep you interested.

There’s not gonna be any real order to this; you’re just gonna get a dump of a bunch of random stuff, circa anywhere from the late 80’s to present day. Enjoy; more to come shortly.

Fort Erie Field Trip – Early ’90s
I have little recollection of this day aside from looking at some cannons and then spazzing out with the rest of our just-reaching-puberty gang.

fort erie

Fluorescent shorts were all the rage in the early ’90s…trust me.

Florida Sandpit – Early ’90s
Whenever my sister, mother and I would visit our grandparents in Florida, we’d spend most of the day outside digging elaborate geographic formations out of sand.

florida sand

We were simple children with simple needs. I should note this sandbox faced a backyard that led up to a marshy swamp-like lake, within which resided multiple alligators. If I remember correctly, our elders used to turn us loose back there for hours on end. Were they sending a message?

Cape Cod – Early ’90s
Speaking of sand and simple entertainment needs, we enjoyed ourselves this day.

cape cod

That joyful scene later turned to whiny outrage as my sister and I railed against my mother’s rejection of us renting 4-wheelers and snackz.

cape cod2

Cockaigne Ski Racing – Late ’80s
I was no Bode Miller, but I could barrel down the slopes with abandon all the same; a tradition I’ve continued through to the present day. (Apologies to that little kid on Whiteface Mountain I ran over but, come on, you stopped right in front of me!)

ski racing

“Annual” Warren Drive Thanksgiving Football Game – Late ’90s
A few of us hearty souls home from college gathered together for a football game at the Warren Drive park each Thanksgiving week, each year increasing the odds of sustaining pulled hamstrings and dislocated shoulders. I think we survived pretty much unscathed this day.

warren football


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  1. Oh, and do you still have that ‘PUMP UP’ hat from your member’s only jacket photo? That might be worth wearing again!

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