There’s a girl on a ledge who’s got nowhere to turn
Cause all the love that she had was just wood that she burned
Now her life is on fire it’s no ones concern
She can blame the world or prey till dawn
But only love can break her fall

Break her fall. Yeah, only love can break her fall. Fall.

It’s like she lost her invitation to the party on earth
And she’s standing outside hatin’ everyone here
Yeah, she’s her own disease, crying to her doll
But only love can break her fall

Break her fall. Only love can break her fall. Yeah…

Yeah fall (The world is her fall) Break her fall
Love, love, love can break her fall… Who?
Now only love can break her fall…
Love, love, love can break her fall… Fall.
Love, love can break her fall
Only love can break her…

Pearl Jam
Release: 2000
Lyrics: Vedder
Music: Pearl Jam


Really, there’s not much more negative commentary to offer on the Buffalo Bills this season. Before providing the link to the image gallery, I’ll just offer you the fact that I gave all available effort to berating offensive coordinator Turk Schonert after each dumbass offensive play call. Turk was about ten rows behind me, in the relative comfort of a warm booth shielded from the elements. While I very much would like to keep Billieving, I have to weigh that commitment against the countless hours wasted rooting this team on. I’m fairly certain it’s starting to shave months off of my lifespan. Bills Fever! Catch it!

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While I don’t particularly like talking about myself (this site and its exhaustive accounting of Jeff Fischer-related minutiae notwithstanding), I’ll say 2008 was quite a year for Mr. Fischer, and many of the people reading this blog are to thank for that. No details, with apologies: it’s been a wildly up-and-down year for yours truly, but I think it’s turned out to be a mostly good one in the end.

You can expect the same whizbang content you’ve come to expect from the site in 2009, and I plan to add a few new features to really take us to the next level (break out your 3-D glasses). But sincerely, thank you for coming to this site and reading my never-ending torrent of first drafts published for your reading pleasure. I would not still be doing this if I didn’t have some loyal readers, and I’ll continue to put stuff out there as long as you guys keep reading it, Lost-related and otherwise.

Everyone have a great holiday and an even better 2009. Big things are in store!

Fort Collins 2008 Trip Report (Part 1)

When: September 2-7, 2008
Where: Fort Collins, CO
What: The Ross Madden-Kelley Rees Wedtacular
Who: Ross, Kelley, Boo!, Andy, Courtney, Steve, Lindsey, Dannyboy, Christine, Jamie, PETER ROE, Sean, Dr. Jones, Jenna, Martha, Jeff, and Justin Toy
How: Planez

I’m on a trip-report-writing tear at the moment, having just finished Virginia 2007, so what better time than now to write another one?

* * *

Okay, it’s been two weeks since I wrote that sentence above; I developed a severe case of writer’s block and haven’t touched this report ’til today. Of course, I could have said nothing and you’d have been none the wiser. But no, I hold nothing back from my readers; I lay it all on the line for you. And by “all,” I mean “several minutes of my time.” But I digress. Sit back and enjoy the latest excerpt from my forthcoming auto-biography, “Gee Willickers: A Boy’s Life.”

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The Enemy Guns


Oh my love
Here in our darkest hour
It is you, my desert flower
That I am dreaming of
We’re up to our neck in foreign soil
We are the sacramental spoils
And they love to choke
The rivers with my brothers’ blood

We have given our bodies
To the Mexican army
But my heart and soul
Belong to you my love
So let the enemy guns
Cut me to ribbons
For my eternal soul
Will know the way back home

Sin sangre en mi cuerpo
Era amor de suenos
Somos los terribles

And I have given my body
To the Mexican army
But my heart and soul
Belong to you my love
So let the enemy guns
Cut me to ribbons
For my eternal soul
Will know the way back home

Sin sangre mi cuerpo
Ese amor doloroso
Somos los terribles

How It Ends
Release: 2004
Lyrics: DeVotchKa
Music: DeVotchKa

The Lighthouse

As part of Lost’s semi-annual hiatus alternate-reality game, they’ve been giving glimpses of new content for the upcoming season (which starts January 21st). At the end of their newest video, focusing on the many books featured on episodes of the show, this logo flashes:


I’ll refer to it as “The Lighthouse” for now. You can see the rest of the logos here.

Virginia 2007 Trip Report

This report’s been a long time in coming, existing only as a rough outline of the shenanigans, tomfoolery and hijinx experienced on a trip down to The Homestead in Virginia for the unforgettable wedding of our two friends, Courtney and Andy.

The When: June 7-11, 2007
The Where: The Homestead in Hot Springs, VA
The What: The Wedding of Andy & Courtney
The Who: Steve & Lindsey, Seaners, Dannyboy, Jenna & Justin, Jamie, Ross & Kelley, Yours Truly

The long trek down to Virginia from Buffalo was pretty uneventful until I reached the rugged back country of West Virginia, greeted with some breathtaking views whilst navigating the 168 hairpin curves up and down the Allegheny Mountains. Had I the misfortune of plummeting over the sheer cliff faces alongside the road, at least I would’ve had a fantastic, panoramic view of the countryside!


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