Paging Dr. Chattahs…

I feel like a sack of ass right now. I got back from TDK’s annual Founders Day weekend and I think I may have partied a tad too much. I’ve lost my voice and bear facial scars from an ugly knifefight with a Puerto Rican gang.

Because of my “condition,” I haven’t been able to complete the Vegas report, but I did add three more parts to it, so enjoy those while I work on the rest. I’ve also uploaded all of my pics from this past weekend into the gallery, with video to come shortly. Enjoy while I go decompress.


The Vegas Report will be up late Sunday night. There’s a lot o’ stuff to write about and I’ve had a nasty case of writer’s block until recently. A quick trip to Dr. Chattahs cleared that up and I am plowing through the rest of the report.

Sure to offend Catholics everywhere!

I hope I’m not the only one to find it objectionable that the world is honoring a man who, as the leader of the Catholic church, allowed priests who molested children to not only keep their jobs, but shielded them from prosection by the law.

You can praise the fact that he played a pivotal role in ridding Europe of Communism, that he did much to help the improverished and spread the word of the Lord. I have a hard time reconciling that with his inaction in the last 20-30 years: not doing anything to fix the growing hypocrisy within his own multi-billion dollar “church.” Is it a church or the world’s largest cult?

I guess it’s a good thing I’ll never have to run for political office. ‘Cuz those sentiments sure wouldn’t be popular, eh?

Don’t worry, my next post will feature the “wacky hijinx” you’ve all grown accustomed to.