Sam Roberts Band’s “Bridge to Nowhere” and Sullivan’s Island, SC. Corky’s “Poison Ivy” and Tuesday Night Podcasts. Every so often there’s a song you associate with an event or period of time, and every time you hear it again, you’re whisked right back to that moment. You’re then ripped right out of it by irritating minutiae like “your job” or “I’m about to have a car accident.” Such is the case with “Reckoner,” which we listened to in the car approximately 387 times over the Steve/Lindsey/EA Crew wedding weekend. Since then, I have listened to it approximately 579 more times. Enjoy.

Song: Reckoner
Artist: Radiohead
Album: In Rainbows
Release: 1/1/08
By: Radiohead


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Mr. & Mrs. Soroka

Steve and Lindsey got married this weekend, providing a brief respite from pounding too many beers and eating our weight in chicken wings. It was great day, all around, and I speak for the EA crew when I say what a privilege it was to be a part of their day. Congratulations!

steve and lindsey

Check out the images from each day via the following links:
Day 1: Thursday at the Square
Day 2: Rehearsal Dinner
Day 3: Wedding & Reception
Day 4: Wing Day

There’ll be plenty more to come over the next week from other sources. Stay tuned.

Update #1 – another gallery from a friend of the Sorokas: Sean O’Shaugnessy