Trip Reports

I usually enjoy writing, and when I’m inclined, I enjoy writing HI-larious reports on places of interest that I’ve gone. Whether or not you find them interesting is a wholly different matter. But when has that ever stopped me before?

There may not be–unfortunately for me–too many frequent updates to this section of the site. This is mainly due to Adelphia sucking the life out of me so that I have no time to go on meaningful trips. Thus, whenever I do go on a noteworthy vacation or trip, I’ll make certain I document everything. One day, after I’m retired, I’ll look back on these reports and think of the all the wild times we had. Shortly after that, I’ll forget where I am.

NYC Report

Las Vegas Report

Southern California Report

Sullivan's Island Report

Virginia Report

California Report

Washington Report

Fort Collins Report

Buffalo Report

Orlando Report

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