The Whole Truth…or maybe an 1/8 of it…

Tonight’s new episode of Lost was nothing to write home about, but there were a few sparse tidbits worth noting.

  • Another “miracle” on the island; Sun is growing more than just vegetables in that garden of hers. How exactly did Sun get pregnant if Jin is shooting blanks? Immaculate conception? Are the Others going to try and kidnap her, à la Claire? More importantly, who brought the pregnancy test on the plane? You’d have to rule out Sun, as she thought it was impossible for her to conceive a baby. So, who’s left? Someone we haven’t met yet? Then again, maybe she’s lying. The look on her face after telling Jin doesn’t exactly seem innocent? Taking more than just English lessons, she was, hmm? (Sincerely, Yoda)


  • Another entrant for the Lost Book Club: “Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret,” by Judy Blume. Meaningless, I say. Although Margaret can talk to God in the book. Is someone on the island talking to God? Is everyone on the island talking to a god, in some way? The god lording over this island experiment? Yeah, that’s sound like a reach, at best.


  • Also probably meaningless was the reappearance of the Geronimo Jackson album down in the hatch. Perhaps that’s what Locke was listening to.
    Edit: apparently not. According to my vast network of sources, he was listening to “Pushing Too Hard” by The Seeds.
  • Going back to the pregnancy test, made by “Widmore Labs,” as shown below. Apparently, a “Widmore Construction” was featured on a previous Charlie-centric episode (Fire + Water). Not enough info at this point, but this will certainly come into play at some point.

    Widmore Labs

    That ain’t Korean, so I’m guessing it wasn’t Sun’s.

  • More backwards talk. The writers seem to have an affinity for this technique, but it ain’t just Walt doing it now:

    Bernard: Well, how do you know?
    Sawyer: Oh, I got my sources.
    Bernard: Well, aren’t you going to tell him?
    Sawyer: Not my place.
    Bernard: Well, you should tell him.
    Sawyer: Hell no! Let Sun-shine tell him.

    Earth-shattering, I know. I think the biggest “eureka” to take out of that is that Bernard tends to use “well” too much.

  • What exactly were Bernard & Lilly arguing about? And why was Bernard trying to find her a pearl? A domestic spat, or something far more sinister? (He’s setting up a nefarious smuggling network, financed by pearls.)
  • Here’s a look at the highly-detailed and dynamic map that Maybe-Other Henry Gale drew for Ana Lucia:

    Gale Map

    Speaking of Gale, he seemed to take an interest in the computer down in the hatch. If he is an Other, as I suspect he is, it would seem odd that he had no idea what was inside this station. Perhaps the Others aren’t as all-knowing as they seem. Maybe they’re just another cog in the island machinations instead of the controlling force behind it.

  • A lot of Korean to translate this week. There’s a shot of the skyline that’s of particular note. I know I have a huge Korean fan base, so please feel free to translate in the comments section. Komapsumnida!


  • More subtle foreshadowing of the inevitable Jack vs. Locke vs. Sawyer war. Everyone seems to be noticing Jack and Locke at odds lately, and Charlie certainly seems to be Sawyer’s sidekick at the moment, evidenced by the gun he has in tow. Locke referred to the underground Dharma station as “my hatch” as well. A little attached to that hatch, isn’t he? (I should be a rapper; did you see that rhyme I just dropped on yo’ head, fool?!)

So yeah, not a lot to over-analyze under the microscope this week. At least there are consecutive new episodes in back-to-back weeks. Until next Wednesday…

Partial sources: The Tail Section, Begging to Differ

One thought on “The Whole Truth…or maybe an 1/8 of it…”

  1. I thought that bernard and lilly were fighting about the fact that he forgot about her birthday, and that was why he was looking for a pearl. This was the most boring episode of lost so far, looks like next weeks will make up for it.

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