Random Ramblings

Some random ramblings to start your week with.

  • The series finale of Battlestar Galactica aired this past Friday on the Sci-Fi channel. The show’s 4-year run, while having its share of up’s and down’s, was some of the finest television I’ve ever had the pleasure of watching. I consider it second only to The Wire in my list of all-time greatest television shows (yes, better than Lost). I’m going to avoid a recap and instead urge you add the box set of season 1 (including the 4-hour mini-series kickoff) to your Netflix queue, or run over to Blockbuster and pick it up, or order the thing on Amazon.

    the fleet

    There’s so very little on TV these days that can really move its audience and resonate as a transcendent piece of artistic expression that when you do find such a show, you feel the need to get everyone else onboard with you for the ride. It’s been a fantastic show, and it’s a bittersweet feeling to see it go. It ended without having overstayed its welcome and gave its fans a satisfying (in my eyes) and emotional conclusion. I frakkin’ loved it.

    bsg cast

    Leave your preconceptions about science fiction at the door and forget the title–just watch the mini-series. If you’re not hooked, I’ll give you your money back.* I also defy you to find better acting performances than those turned in by series leads Edward James Olmos and Mary McDonnell. How they haven’t won Emmy’s each year is beyond me.

    olmos and mcdonnell

  • Very little explanation of why I’m including this link other than the headline:
    Squirrel monkey injured in Rainforest Falls accident

    Okay, not really a funny headline, but I’m exceedingly overjoyed at the revelation of the existence of such a creature I had no idea existed. Squirrels and monkeys…together? Awesome. Or the harbinger of the human race’s ultimate destruction? Either way, get well soon, little buddy!

  • Here’s some spectacular video on the hilarious effects of alcohol consumption: Worst Burglar Ever.
  • A good time-waster centered around the imminent re-release of Pearl Jam’s Ten. The new release contains remastered versions of the original tracks from the 1991 album, along with remixed versions and a couple bonuses. As the general, non-obsessive Pearl Jam fan may be most familiar with Ten, I urge you to all go out and buy it. Perhaps it will evoke fond memories of your childhood, when you danced the night away to such feel-good tracks as “Jeremy” and “Black.”

    Here’s the link: Pearl Jam Ten Game.

  • Ever heard the phrase, “all your base are belong to us?” Do you enjoy skateboarding dogs? How high can tranquilized bears bounce off the ground? Find answers to all of these questions at this site listing the best Internet memes of the last several years: You Should Have Seen This.

*If you actually don’t end up liking the show, then you should probably just sell all of your possessions and move to the moon. So, don’t ask me for any money.

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