Indiana Jones & the Lost Kingdom of the Beaver

Dr. Jones and I took a weekend trip down to Allegheny State Park for some hiking and camping, little did we know we’d find ourselves smack dab in the midst of Beaver Central. Our campsite, situated in a small valley flanked by dense forest, featured not one–not two–not three–but at least four beaver dams, two of them sizable. The largest of the three looked like it’d been blown apart by some well-placed park ranger dynamite.

beaver dam

That would’ve been cool to see. Anyway, it was a good time and place to recharge the proverbial “batteries” of life, though that newfound energy was quickly sapped by a return to work on Tuesday. No matter, as I have pictures to remember the fleeting moments of peaceful tranquility, broken only by random, repeated chipmunk attacks and the ever-present fear of bear maulings. Enjoy the image gallery: click here.

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