Coming Attractions

I’ve been slacking a bit as of late, with more than 10 assorted posts and movie reviews in various states of completion in the queue. I hope to put the finishing touches on about half of them very shortly, so continue to await them with your collectively bated breath.

Coming soon:

  • Southern California Trip Report: tales of my encounters with a surly, cigarette-smoking Chewbacca, getting into gun battles amid world-infamous L.A. traffic, and enjoying World Cup soccer amid countless numbers of illegal aliens rooting for Mexico.
  • Movie Reviews: A History of Violence, Hellboy, Constantine, The Aristocrats, and more! I need to see a few more awful movies, as I think I enjoy writing reviews of the scathing variety more.
  • Quotable: a new department that will feature some of my favorite quotes from the week in sports, news, entertainment, etc. I haven’t quite figured out how to present this yet. Stay tuned.
  • Pearl Jam – Camden II 5.28.06: my long-awaited review of the second Camden, NJ show from way back in May. “The waiting drove me mad…”
  • Hot Nude Pics every Friday!

See how much you have to look forward to? With such great promise in store, you should be sending me wads of cash in the mail!

(Mailing address available upon request.)

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