Refs 3, Sabres 2


I’ve become convinced that when I attend a Sabres home game, their success or failure is directly related to whether or not I wear my vintage blue-and-gold Pat Lafontaine #16 jersey. My track record while wearing the sweater is 100%. Last night, I decided to look all presentable and wear “normal” clothing. Lo and behold–the Sabres lose (albeit in overtime). I’ll not make that mistake again. Let that be a lesson to all of you: always dress like a drunken hobo sports fan when you have the opportunity.

Anyway, enough about my attire, fascinating though it may be. The Sabres eked out a point in the game against the Canadiens, scoring a goal with about 0:30 left in the 3rd period. Buffalo had played rather poorly the entire game, though a lot of that had to do with refs putting away their whistles while the Sabres were interfered with at every opportunity. So much for the “crackdown” that was supposed to reinvigorate the league. As has happened in every other year when the league says it will crack down on obstruction and interference, the refs get short memories each year around this time, and stop calling it. This could spell doom for the Sabres. They’re built to take advantage of the new rules, and if teams like the Canadiens are allowed to put their version of the neutral zone trap on the ice each night, what’s the point of even having referees? Call the damn penalties!

I must again recommend HSBC Arena’s beef on weck at the Harbour Club. DELICIOUS! Though, I was again smacked in the face with the horseradish upon said sandwich. It’s perfect for clearing out your nasal tract.

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