Leafs on Weck

TORBUFAnother typical Leafs/Sabres game at HSBC Arena last night: 50% of the crowd were Leaf fans, the beef on weck was Delicious with a capital D, and the Sabres thrashed the Leafs. I should note I am now 6-for-6 in the winning department when wearing the blue-and-gold Lafontaine jersey to Sabres games. So, please, give me all due credit for the win last night.

And it was simply a fantastic game all-around. The Sabres took it to the Leafs right off the bat in the 1st period, spending most of the time in Toronto’s zone. I think 5 of the 6 goals scored were all highlight-reel worthy, though perhaps the most exciting play of the game came on a non-scoring rush. Winger Maxim Afinogenov was rushing into the Leafs’ zone and made a move to his right, froze the defenseman, and slid the puck behind the defender and moved to his left to pick the puck back up. The defenseman promptly fell on his ass, to the delight of the 18,000 fans in attendance (yeah, by this point, even the Toronto fans were chanting “Let’s Go Buff-a-lo!”). Breathtaking stuff outta Max.

Things are looking much better for Buffalo than they were two weeks ago, amidst what looked to be their worst stretch of the season. I think they’re in good shape for the playoffs, which are due to start this Saturday against either Philly, New York or New Jersey. Ryan Miller was just as good as he was the previous night in Montreal when he stopped 43 shots, notching 31 saves en route to a 6-0 shutout. He made some absolutely outstanding saves and is a large part of the Sabres’ having a renewed swagger about them.


Most importantly, I think I noticed more fine femmaninas than I ever have before at the Arena. I was surrounded by a veritable sea of hot women, although the occasional drunk, nasally-voiced Leafs fan was interspersed with that sea. I don’t know where all these hot women came from, but I don’t think they inhabit Buffalo on a regular basis. For some reason, I didn’t get too much attention from them, either. I guess a bearded guy wearing a hockey jersey eating beef-on-weck doesn’t put me on the cover of GQ. But come on, ladies, where else are you gonna get a fine package like this?


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