Jackass Number Two | A-

Jackass Number 2Clearly, there’s not a lot that needs to be “reviewed” for this kind of movie. You either like seeing people get punched in the nuts or you don’t. There’s a bit more to Jackass Number Two than just nut-shots, mainly involving yaks, medicine balls and rockets, all used to tremendous effect. If you’ve been entertained by any of the above, you’ll love this flick. A strong stomach may also be required.

The fact that none of the Jackass crew are dead by now speaks to the vast amounts of pure, dumb luck they each possess. The potential for a broken neck or catching a disease from a wild animal is off the charts here, but they somehow emerge unscathed each and every time. Well, not unscathed, but certainly alive. Most of the cast members end up with some sort of permanent scar (both physically and mentally) during the course of the movie, perhaps the worst being Bam Margera’s ass-branding-gone-wrong at the hands of Ryan Dunn. If that makes you cringe, just wait ’til you see it onscreen.


I think my favorite stunt was also one of the simplest; involving a hand-written sign covering a hole in a hotel hallway wall, hiding what lay waiting for an unsuspecting reader. Really, it’s amazing that seeing someone get punched in the face by a mechanical boxing glove could be so hilarious, but this is the essence of Jackass. It’s essentially the real-world version of Wile E. Coyote and Tom & Jerry (though it may be closer to Itchy & Scratchy at this point). If you liked the first flick, you’ll love Number Two, leaving the theater sore from having laughed so hard. But, if you have an aversion to the aforementioned nut-punches, feces and other bodily fluids being flung about, then I must recommend that you refrain from attending the theater to see Jackass Number Two.

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