Weekend Links

Hope your 2008 is going well thus far. A few links for your perusal.

CBC at the Aud – A great piece CBC did on the soon-to-be demolished Memorial Auditorium in Buffalo. There’s a lot of history in that place, history I’m sure a lot of the newfound fans the franchise has found in the last two years don’t know about. Very much worth a watch for all ages. I want some of those orange seats, dammit! (Thanks for the link, Snakes.)

How Well Do You Know Your World? – A good geography-centric time-waster. I look forward to pwning the world.

GettyImages Winter Classic – A gallery of images I badly want to buy so I can blow them up and hang them on my wall. If you know of any way to buy some of these for less than the exorbitant price they charge on the site, feel free to drop me a line.

Bill Simmons’ Links – I may as well pay homage to the guy I’m stealing post ideas from.

The Ultimate Warrior is Insane – I took this directly from Simmons’ column, but it’s worth highlighting. Six solid minutes of nonstop, ‘roid-fueled hilarity.

Michael Jordan Highlights – A great, great video sure to captivate your very soul.

Oh, and The Wire’s final season starts airing Sunday night. You should’ve already completed seasons 1-4 in marathon viewing sessions, based solely on my dubbing it the “greatest show in the history of television,” so you should be rearing to go for Sunday. I know I am (though I’ve already watched the first two episodes via nefarious Interweb means. It’s as good as ever, folks.)

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