To the Extreme

Washington Post Chat Transcript with Vanilla Ice

Minneapolis, Minn.: Yo Vanilla — do you still rock the mic like a vandal?

Vanilla Ice: Oh, of course, that’ll never stop. A lot of people don’t remember anything since Ice Ice Baby, but I’ve got 3 records out since then and they’re all successes — but not commercially.

Washington, D.C.: I understand that you have both a pet kangaroo and a lynx. Where did you get such exotic pets?

Vanilla Ice: Ya, it’s funny how people found out — my kangaroo got loose. It was on CNN and I was in London at the time. I have a goat, too. The goat pushed the gate open with his head and they both got out and ran around. And the goat and the kangaroo never parted. The whole entire time.

Washington, D.C.: What do you think of Eminem?

Vanilla Ice: I’m glad there’s another white guy out there having success because it’s all been on my shoulders for so long. There’s a lot of talented — white, Puerto Rican or Jew — if you’ve got skills, you’ve got em.

2 thoughts on “To the Extreme”

  1. And if you don’t have skills…

    Reminds me of a past QOTW on some site that I saw referring to the legendary canadian rapper, Snow. He was white. Canadian white. That’s about as white as you can get. And he was a rapper.

    3 successful albums since Ice Ice Baby. Just not commercially successful. Huh? Must be his mom approved.


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