One does what one must

Hello all. I’m finally somewhat-prepared to write a post that won’t mention monkeys, squirrels, or hooliganism. Well, maybe I shouldn’t make such a bold proclamation quite yet.

There is, unfortunately, not much new to report on the news front. I’m still at Adelphia-soon-to-be-Time-Warner, plugging away. The endless parade of mindless individuals seeking help with their cup holders (aka CD ROM drives) and their My Little Pony deskto wallpaper continues, and it never ceases to amaze me how many new, bizarre issues they can come up with. And there are always new twists on old problems. For example, here is a recent discourse I witnessed over chat:

Analyst> Thank you for contacting Adelphia etc. etc. etc. Please describe how I can assist you.
Customer> pop-ups Every day I havea pop-up with naked man riding a tractor. At top of the screen it says ACLU. I have had a lot of other pop-ups that I didn’t have when I was using Goggle tool bar.

So, as bored as it can get around Adelphia, things like that make the day a bit better. Although, one’s reaction to such a comment from a customer is largely dependent upon one’s mood. One day, it’s laugh-out-loud funny; another, it’s enough to punch one’s self in the face repeatedly. As a side note, it is probably not a good idea for one to refer to one’s self as “one” more than once or twice in a paragraph.

A major item-of-note, for me, is the upcoming jaunt Jones and I will make to see everyone’s favorite rock band, Pearl Jam, at Air Canada Centre in Toronto. (That’s in Canadia for all you xenophobes.) As always, I think, you can expect a full review with details about the trip up after I get back. Hopefully, that 12-pound block of hash I have hidden in the spare tire compartment won’t be found by overzealous border patrol agents.

Lastly, few things bring me more joy than a sweet picture created with MS Paint. I’d like to post a particularly good one that came across my desk recently, which I’ve posted below. It is a perfect example of the use of multiple techniques from the mid to late Rennaissance* period, most notable in its’ juxtaposition of electricity and rapid arm movement from the subject.

* “Rennaissance” as in “Rennaissance Man” starring Danny DeVito and Gregory Hines

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