He Did It

I’m not going to give this a long, exhaustive analysis, because it’s worthy of neither analysis nor any degree of attention, but I implore the viewing public NOT to watch the scheduled Fox News interview with that scumbag-of-all-scumbags, O.J. Simpson. This is what passes for journalism these days–interviews with a murderer who got away with it and now trying to profit off it by writing a book DESCRIBING HOW HE DID IT! I’m sure Fox, dollar signs and ratings points in their glazed-over eyes, was only too eager to sign up for this travesty.

Don’t give them or Simpson the satisfaction of scoring huge ratings and profits off of this. How this guy can stand to look his kids in the face or himself in the mirror is beyond me. I’ve already wasted enough breath on this. If you watch this, you should buy two hammers, beat yourself in the face with them repeatedly, set fire to your hair, and then jump off a cliff.

He Did It

The American “media” continues its descent into the gutters of oblivion. I can’t think of one, single television “journalist” that has any real integrity anymore. Name one in the comments below and I’ll send you twelve dollars.

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