Election Day

It’s obviously an important day for the United States. After all of the grueling, divisive, meandering political campaigns and maneuvering, the people finally get to lend their voice to the political process. The dependence of the country on the two party political system has never been stronger, and with a lack of any viable 3rd party candidate, we’re left with two candidates sorely lacking in the qualities I think most Americans would like to see in their President.

I think that if Americans can agree on anything, it would be that these two men are some of the weakest candidates in recent memory. Despite that, the voting public is required to choose one of them, and it is likely going to result in a choice of the lesser of two evils for most. It’s disappointing that the strongest country in the world is stuck with candidates of this kind of stature. Nevertheless, this election is so important to many because of the events since 9/11, and it’s created a rift-of-sorts throughout the country.

Ok, what the f am I talking about, I’m babbling like an incoherent chimp.

I’d like to speak briefly about the role the media has played over the last year. I don’t think I’ve ever seen more biased, slanted reporting in my life, and I don’t think it possibly could have been before I came into the world. Whether it’s Fox News blatant Bush supporting, or the major networks’ painfully obvious Liberalism and backing of Kerry, it’s hard to trust what you’re seeing and hearing on television anymore. I’d ask each and everyone of you not to take what you see or hear at face value–question everything you take in and research! This is your country and your future we’re talking about–take pride in that and do your part.

I know many of you are disillusioned with Bush and his actions, and are probably voting for Kerry because he’s the aforementioned "lesser or two evils." The great thing about this site is that I can say whatever the hell I want, even though I feel like this entry has become a little too objective. I’m voting for Bush, and am happy to do so, "lesser evil" or no. I think he’s led this country through an exceedingly difficult time. Despite the losses the economy suffered early in his term, it’s been on the rebound in the last year, and I believe it will continue to do so. You may think Iraq has turned into a disaster, and the media certainly has done nothing to discount that view, but I feel better knowing Hussein is behind bars and is no longer able to torture and murder his own citizens. I’m not going to get into the WMD argument, the terrorist haven argument, etc, etc. (but you’re welcome to debate me off-site), but I believe Bush to be a better commander-in-chief and overall leader than Kerry ever could be. I think Kerry’s stance on the war would be a dangerous one if he were President, and while it may improve our status and image in the global community in the short-term, I fear the long-term consequences of a weak military stance in the Mideast could yield heavy consequences.

Regardless, I just hope everyone has registered and will vote today. Just show that you care about the direction of this country and that you care about who represents you here at home and abroad. Show the rest of the world how much we care about being involved and I think it sets a greater example for them than any political candidate could. Okay, I’m babbling again.

I wish you all well. I’m going to submit this column to Gomlak and hope he gives me an A for social studies.

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