Fire + Water

Good ep of Lost this week, even if it was a little light on the mythology/story arc angle. Of course, I’m sure one can attach vast importance to Libby’s comment about the washer and dryer looking newer than everything else down in the hatch. Then there’s the religious symbolism inherent in Charlie’s dreams. However, I think the dream served to simply highlight that schizophrenic dove that came flying out of the dream, ready to attack anyone nearby. Vicious, those doves are. No new episode next week, so ABC blows.


One other show I’ve been watching this season is Invasion, which is on immediately after Lost. It’s in the same, general “mystery/drama” genre Lost is in, so fans of Lost should enjoy if they’re not already watching. Its’ pacing is much more plodding and deliberate than Lost, but it doesn’t suffer for it. Invasion’s not in a rush to reveal everything, and it manages to be entertaining without frustration (which Lost sometimes excels at) each week. Worth a look.

Oh, and Dancing with the Stars is worth tivo’ing on Thursday nights solely for rapper extraordinaire Master P. Yes, he’s a rapper trying to dance, and he’s just as awful as you’d imagine. He’s been the worst dancer each week, but he’s managed to stay on because he gets so many votes from viewers. To put it in perspective, he got a 14/30 last week and a 8/30 this week, from the judges. The next lowest score was a 21. High comedy, my friends. I take some delight in watching him exhibit a half-ass effort each week and manage to stay while a bunch of has-been C-listers give it their all in an effort to resuscitate their fading careers…and get voted out. HA!


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  1. everyone is “seeing” different things since their arrival….some imagined, some not? (jack’s dad, evangeline’s horse, etc). maybe there will be a story line like harry potter’s ‘mirror of erised’ where the imagined things are relative to the ‘viewer’ seeing them. what would the purpose of the heroin be? and why would locke want to keep it?

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