The End

I’m planning to finish a draft of my recap sometime this morning but will hold off publishing until I get a chance to polish it a bit. “It only ends once” so I best try and provide you all with something worth reading, yeah? In the meantime, here’s a taste:

A perfect end to a beautiful episode. Lost is complete. I’m relatively certain many will not share my sentiments, as that wasn’t a Matrix Revolutions-style Architect explanation of an episode that’s going to answer every little facet of every question we’ve ever had on the show. There are significant questions that were not answered explicitly, and more still that weren’t really answered at all. As much as my recaps have dwelt on the “little stuff” that constitutes much of the show’s mythology, the majority of Lost’s best moments–the truly great ones–have been about the characters. Electromagnetic energy, Egyptian hieroglyphs, polar bears, food drops, names scrawled on a wall, lighthouses, mirrors and giant smoke monsters aren’t trifling elements to be cast aside, but dwelling on them can make it easy to lose sight of the bedrock thematic elements that have truly sustained the show. Faith, destiny, choice. What gives your life meaning?

I loved it and hope you all did as well. I’ll be back tomorrow with more.

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  1. I loved it too. I know some people didn’t. My big question is in regards to when everyone else “died” and how people that seemingly survived (Kate & Sawyer) knew what was going on in the X Timeline before Jack “died”.

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