While I don’t particularly like talking about myself (this site and its exhaustive accounting of Jeff Fischer-related minutiae notwithstanding), I’ll say 2008 was quite a year for Mr. Fischer, and many of the people reading this blog are to thank for that. No details, with apologies: it’s been a wildly up-and-down year for yours truly, but I think it’s turned out to be a mostly good one in the end.

You can expect the same whizbang content you’ve come to expect from the site in 2009, and I plan to add a few new features to really take us to the next level (break out your 3-D glasses). But sincerely, thank you for coming to this site and reading my never-ending torrent of first drafts published for your reading pleasure. I would not still be doing this if I didn’t have some loyal readers, and I’ll continue to put stuff out there as long as you guys keep reading it, Lost-related and otherwise.

Everyone have a great holiday and an even better 2009. Big things are in store!

4 thoughts on “2008”

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