Of Ducks, Mice, Fireworks, Food, Wizardz & Frivolity

After returning from an epic vacation with my girl, it occurs to me it’s been far too long since I’ve put together a full-fledged trip report. Alas, this report will probably be mainly bullet points and pictures, but take what you can get. You can view the full image galleries here or on Facebook. Enjoy.

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A-Vail-ing We Will Go

Yes, I remain fully aware of the fact the site’s gone without frequent updates for the better part of a year, and no, that shan’t change anytime soon. However, I come bearing digital gifts in the form of some pictures from a recent trip to Vail, Colorado with Dr. Jones and the Bossman (coming this Fall to CBS, coincidentally). Broken bones and ice rash were avoided long enough to take a half dozen good pics along with a heap of half-hearted shots of treez. Click the pic below to view the gallery.


It’s unfortunate the pictures don’t quite do Vail as much justice as being there in person. You’ll have to excuse the lack of grandeur as I chalk it up to the fact the most spectacular views came whilst perched precariously atop a chairlift 50 feet above the slopes or barreling down the mountain at Bode Miller speeds*. Mr. Jones took some shots as well that I’ll endeavor to add to my gallery once available. Stay tuned.

As I’ve oft-stated in the past, I’ve got about twenty drafts of quality posts in various stages of completion I vow to complete soon (“soon” = within the next decade). In the meantime, enjoy browsing through the archive for posts outlining the myriad uses for squirrel technology in our modern age.


Outer Banks 2010

Click the image below for the full gallery.


I don’t see any real need for a full-fledged trip report, as I can summarize each and every day of our vacation as follows:
7:30am – Good morning, Gil.
7:35am – Eat breakfast.
7:50am – Stumble around for a while.
8:30am – Change; head to the beach.
8:35am – Frolic.
12:00pm – Lunch.
12:30pm – Pool.
12:40pm – Back to the beach.
12:45pm – Read / raft.
3:00pm – Pool / beer / cornhole / water balloon salvo.
5:30pm – Dinner.
6:00pm – Beer / cornhole / chipz.
8:00pm – Movie / lampshades on heads / dance party USA.
10:00pm – Pass out.

Rinse, lather, repeat.

Rockin' at the Knox

A few of us sauntered down the road to the Albright-Knox Art Gallery — or its parking lot, to be more accurate — last Friday night to take in the annual “Rockin’ at the Knox” fundraiser concert. Featuring an eclectic mix of artists, the show was headlined by The National, a band who’s rapidly risen to prominence over the past year; and Rufus Wainwright, the flamboyant piano player I’d known only through his cover of “Across the Universe.” Aside from the great set from The National, the night was highlighted by beers and a mobile M&T ATM we quickly became enamored of. We were two beers away from taking full advantage of the ATM’s mobility (i.e. running down the street with it).


You can read a review of the shows from The Buffalo News here; and click the image above for the gallery.

The Nostalgia Project, Pt. 1

Every few months, I get motivated to sort through the dozen or so boxes of “stuff” I’ve got stored away in closets and the basement. The initial goal is to start throwing crap I don’t need out, but I inevitably end up spending two hours looking at old pictures and artifacts from the last couple of decades. Might as well put all that wasted time to good use then, through a series of posts I’m entitling “The Nostalgia Project.” I’ll be posting scans and pictures of some of these photos and artifacts, along with a few choice historical nuggets to explain exactly what you’re looking at. There’s probably about fifteen people in total that’ll have any idea what the heck this stuff is, so the rest of you have my hilarious, accompanying commentary to keep you interested.

There’s not gonna be any real order to this; you’re just gonna get a dump of a bunch of random stuff, circa anywhere from the late 80’s to present day. Enjoy; more to come shortly.

Fort Erie Field Trip – Early ’90s
I have little recollection of this day aside from looking at some cannons and then spazzing out with the rest of our just-reaching-puberty gang.

fort erie

Fluorescent shorts were all the rage in the early ’90s…trust me.

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