Lost: Via Domus

Via DomusWith the show on hiatus this week, I feel obligated to fill this space with some sort of Lost-related post. Since there’s no real relevant news concerning the show itself, we must turn to other mediums. So, having just received a copy of the XBOX 360 videogame tie-in, entitled “Lost: Via Domus,” it feels like an opportune time to review the game here.

It sucks.

Thanks for tuning in this week. See you next time!

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No More Secrets

Welcome to the last pre-hiatus recap on this first day of Spring (a 30° day, mind you). Tonight’s episode–almost entirely flashback–didn’t do much for me, other than further some theories we’ve discussed each week. At this point, the intimations that Widmore’s behind the conspiracy, the “rescue” team is going to kill everyone, and that Michael is Ben’s “man on the boat” aren’t anything new. Tonight’s episode was a heap of the status quo with a sprinkling of Michael’s suicidal spiral of despair after having betrayed the rest of the castaways to rescue his son, and then losing Walt because of those very actions. No surprises here.

bored monkey

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You should know I spent about 20 minutes trying to translate a hilarious post title phrase containing the word “panda” into Korean…and failed. So instead, I went for “In Distress.” Just assume the translation is accurate. Don’t let that divert you from the true importance of the panda(s) Jin so desperately needed, though…the stuffed panda might actually be the best evidence yet of what this show is truly about–it’s the ultimate metaphor for the island’s true nature and its relationship to our castaways.

need panda

Anyway, instead of analyzing the symbolism inherent in stuffed pandas juxtaposed with the birth of a child, I shall leave that for another day and move swiftly to…

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It's not TV, it's The Wire

I’ve harped on this in many a post here on Jeff-Fischer.net, but I’ll say again that it’s criminal David Simon’s The Wire has not received more widespread acclaim and attention from the viewing populace. The final episode of the series bows this Sunday night on HBO, and it’s a good time to recognize what I hope will be an increasingly popular show in the coming years (on DVD, obviously), as its’ legend grows. I’ll first point you to my first post on the subject, which contains a bit more discussion of just what the show is about, as today’s post is meant more as a call-to-arms than a review of the show. Click here for that post. As to why it’s not receiving that aforementioned attention, I’m not sure, but with the glut of choices available to the media consumer these days, a case might be made that the reasons that make the show so good are the same reasons it’s not that popular.

The Wire

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