Pearl Jam

the band

Eddie Vedder
Vocals, Guitar
Stone Gossard
Jeff Ament
Mike McCready
Matt Cameron
Boom Gaspar

concert reviews

Buffalo 10.1.96 | Buffalo 5.2.03 | Chicago 6.18.03 | Montreal 6.29.03

NYC I 7.8.03 | NYC II 7.9.03 | Hershey 7.12.03 | Toledo 10.2.04

Toronto 9.19.05 | Toronto I 5.9.06 | Toronto II 5.10.06 | Cleveland 5.20.06

Camden I 5.27.06 | Camden II 5.28.06 | Camden I 6.19.08 | D.C. 6.22.08

Philadelphia IV 10.31.09 | Cleveland 5.9.10 | Buffalo 5.10.10 | Buffalo 10.12.13

Toronto I 5.10.16 | Fenway I 8.5.16 | Fenway II 8.7.16 | Seattle I 8.8.18

Seattle II 8.10.18

studio albums

Tracklist: Master/Slave, Once, Evenflow, Alive, Why Go, Black, Jeremy, Oceans, Porch, Garden, Deep, Release, Master/Slave
(August 27, 1991)
Tracklist: Go, Animal, Daughter, Glorified G., Dissident, W.M.A., Blood, Rearviewmirror, Rats, Elderly Woman Behind the Counter in a Small Town, Leash, Indifference
(October 19, 1993)
Tracklist: Last Exit, Spin the Black Circle, Not For You, Tremor Christ, Nothingman, Whipping, Pry, to, Corduroy, Bugs, Satan’s Bed, Better Man, Aye Davanita, Immortality, Hey Foxymophandlemama, That’s Me
(December 6, 1994)
No Code
Tracklist: Sometimes, Hail Hail, Who You Are, In My Tree, Smile, Off He Goes, Habit, Red Mosquito, Lukin, Present Tense, Mankind, I’m Open, Around the Bend
(August 27, 1996)
Tracklist: Brain of J., Faithfull, No Way, Given to Fly, Wishlist, Pilate, Do the Evolution, (The Color Red), MFC, Low Light, In Hiding, Push Me Pull Me, All Those Yesterdays, Hummus
(February 3, 1998)
Tracklist: Breakerfall, Gods’ Dice, Evacuation, Light Years, Nothing As It Seems, Thin Air, Insignificance, Of the Girl, Grievance, Rival, Sleight of Hand, Soon Forget, Parting Ways, Writer’s Block
(May 16, 2000)
Riot Act
Tracklist: Can’t Keep, Save You, Love Boat Captain, Cropduster, Ghost, I Am Mine, Thumbing My Way, You Are, Get Right, Green Disease, helphelp, Bu$hleaguer, 1/2 Full, Arc, All Or None
(November 12, 2002)
Pearl Jam
Tracklist: Life Wasted, World Wide Suicide, Comatose, Severed Hand, Marker In The Sand, Parachutes, Unemployable, Big Wave, Gone, Wasted Reprise, Army Reserve, Come Back, Inside Job
(May 2, 2006)
Tracklist: Gonna See My Friend, Got Some, The Fixer, Johnny Guitar, Just Breathe, Amongst the Waves, Unthought Known, Supersonic, Speed of Sound, Force of Nature, The End
(September 20, 2009)
Lightning Bolt
Tracklist: Getaway, Mind Your Manners, My Father’s Son, Sirens, Lightning Bolt, Infallible, Pendulum, Swallowed Whole, Let the Records Play, Sleeping By Myself, Yellow Moon, Future Days
(October 14, 2013)
Tracklist: Who Ever Said, Superblood Wolfmoon, Dance of the Clairvoyants, Quick Escape, Alright, Seven O’Clock, Never Destination, Take The Long Way, Buckle Up, Come Then Goes, Retrogade, River Cross
(March 27, 2020)
Dark Matter
Tracklist: Scared Of Fear; React, Respond; Wreckage; Dark Matter; Won’t Tell; Upper Hand; Waiting for Stevie; Running; Something Special; Got to Give; Setting Sun
(April 19, 2024)

official bootlegs (live)

Europe 2000
Tour Stops: Lisbon, Barcelona, San Sebastian, London (2), Dublin, Glasgow, Manchester, Cardiff, Paris, Koln, Nurnberg, Landgraaf, Prague, Katowice (2), Salzburg, Ljubljana, Verona, Milan, Zurich, Berlin, Hamburg, Stockholm, Oslo, Roskilde
North America 2000 Leg 1
Tour Stops: Virginia Beach, Charlotte, Greensboro, Atlanta, West Palm Beach (2), Tampa, New Orleans, Memphis, Antioch, Noblesville, Cincinnati, Columbus, Jones Beach (3), Saratoga, Mansfield (2), Camden (2), Columbia, Pittsburgh
North America 2000 Leg 2
Tour Stops: Montreal, Toronto, Auburn Hills, East Troy, Rosemont, Chicago, St. Louis, Bonner Springs, New York City, Woodlands (2), Dallas, Lubbock, Albuquerque, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Diego, Fresno, Devore, Marysville, Mountain View, Portland, Nampa, Seattle (2)
Australia 2003
Tour Stops: Brisbane (2), Sydney (3), Adelaide, Melbourne (3), Perth
Japan 2003
Tour Stops: Sendai, Yokohama, Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya
North America 2003 Leg 1
Tour Stops: Denver, Oklahoma City, San Antonio, Woodlands, New Orleans, Birmingham, West Palm Beach, Orlando, Tampa, Raleigh, Charlotte, Antioch, Atlanta, Lexington, St. Louis, Champaign, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Albany, Uniondale, Buffalo, State College
North America 2003 Leg 2
Tour Stops: Missoula, Vancouver, Mountain View, Irvine (2), San Diego, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Dallas, Little Rock, Bonner Springs, Council Bluffs, Fargo, St. Paul, Chicago, East Troy, Noblesville, Columbus, Detroit (2), Toronto, Montreal, Bristow, Mansfield (2), Camden (2), New York City (2), Mansfield, Hershey, Holmdel, Mexico City (3)
Canada 2003
Tour Stops: Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal
Mexico 2003
Tour Stops: Mexico City (3)
North America 2005
Tour Stops: Missoula, The Gorge, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Winnipeg, Thunder Bay, Kitchener, London, Hamilton, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Quebec City, Halifax, St. John’s (2), Atlantic City (2), Philadelphia, Chicago
North America 2006
Tour Stops: Toronto (2), Albany, Hartford, Chicago (2), Grand Rapids, Cleveland, Auburn Hills, Boston (2), Camden (2), Washington DC, East Rutherford (2), Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, St. Paul (2), Milwaukee (2), Denver (2), Las Vegas, San Diego, Los Angeles (2), Santa Barbara, San Francisco (3), Portland, George (2), Honolulu
Europe 2006
Tour Stops: Dublin, Leeds, Reading, Arnhem, Antwerp, Barcelona, Vitoria, Lisbon (2), Madrid, Marseille, Paris, Bern, Bologna, Verona, Milan, Torino, Pistoia, Prague, Berlin, Vienna, Zagreb, Athens
Australia 2006
Tour Stops: Sydney (2), Brisbane (2), Melbourne (3), Sydney, Newcastle, Adelaide (2), Perth
Live at the Gorge
Tour Stops: The Gorge – 9/1/05, 7/22/06, 7/23/06
U.S. 2008
Tour Stops: West Palm Beach, Tampa, Bonnaroo, Columbia, Virginia Beach, Camden (x2), Washington DC, NYC (x2), Hartford, Mansfield (x2)
World Tour 2009
Tour Stops: Calgary, London, Rotterdam, Berlin, Manchester, London, Toronto, Chicago (x2), San Francisco, Seattle (x2), Vancouver, Portland, Salt Lake City, Universal City (x2), Austin, San Diego, Philly (x4), Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Auckland, Christchurch
World Tour 2010
Tour Stops: New Orleans, Kansas City, St. Louis, Columbus, Noblesville, Cleveland, Buffalo, Bristow, Hartford, Boston, Newark, NYC (x2), Dublin, Belfast, London, Nijmegen, Berlin, Gdynia, Arras, Werchter, Venice, Bilbao, Oeiras

other releases

Mirrorball (Neil Young w/Pearl Jam)
Tracklist: Song X, Act of Love, I’m the Ocean, Big Green Country, Truth Be Known, Downtown, What Happened Yesterday, Peace & Love, Throw Your Hatred Down, Scenery, Fallen Angel
(June 27, 1995)
Merkinball (w/Neil Young)
Tracklist: I Got Id, Long Road
(December 5, 1995)
Live on Two Legs
Tracklist (live): Corduroy, Given to Fly, Hail Hail, Daughter, Small Town, Untitled/MFC, Go, Red Mosquito, Evenflow, Off He Goes, Nothingman, Do the Evolution, Better Man, Black, Fuckin’ Up
(November 24, 1998)
Lost Dogs
Tracklist: All Night, Sad, Down, Hitchhiker, Don’t Gimme No Lip, Alone, In the Moonlight, Education, Black Red Yellow, U, Leavin’ Here, Gremmie Out of Control, Whale Song, Undone, Hold On, Yellow Ledbetter, Fatal, Otherside, Hard to Imagine, Footsteps, Wash, Dead Man, Strangest Tribe, Driftin’, Let Me Sleep, Last Kiss, Sweet Lew, Dirty Frank, Brother, Bee Girl, 4/20/02
(November 11, 2003)
Man of the Hour
Tracklist: Man of the Hour, Man of the Hour (demo)
(November 26, 2003)
Live at Benaroya Hall 10.22.03
Highlights: I Believe in Miracles
(July 27, 2004)
Rearviewmirror: Greatest Hits 1991-2003
Tracklist: Once, Alive, Evenflow, Jeremy, State of Love & Trust, Animal, Go, Dissident, Rearviewmirror, Spin the Black Circle, Corduroy, Not For You, I Got Id, Hail Hail, Do the Evolution, Save You, Black, Breath, Daughter, Small Town, Immortality, Betterman, Nothingman, Who You Are, Off He Goes, Given to Fly, Wishlist, Last Kiss, Nothing As It Seems, Light Years, I Am Mine, Man of the Hour, Yellow Ledbetter
(Nov 16, 2004)
Molo Sessions
Tracklist: Long Road, Love Boat Captain, Mandela Siyakuthanda, Emarabini, Theledi, Nombayi, Ootsotsi Base Benoni, Betterman, Iyelele, Sana Iwami, Nora, Jabula Ntliziyo Yam, Izintombi Ezilishumi, Nkosi Sikelel’ iAfrika (South African National Anthem)
Live at Easy Street
Tracklist: 1/2 Full, Lukin, American in Me, Save You, Bleed For Me, New World, Porch
Into the Wild
Tracklist: Setting Forth, No Ceiling, Far Behind, Rise, Long Nights, Tuolumne, Hard Sun, The Wolf, End of the Road, Society, Guaranteed
(September 18, 2007)
Ten: Legacy Edition
Tracklist: Once, Even Flow, Alive, Why Go, Black, Jeremy, Oceans, Porch, Garden, Deep, Release, Brother, Just a Girl, Breath and a Scream, State of Love and Trust, 2000 Mile Blues
(March 24, 2009)
Live on Ten Legs
Tracklist: Arms Aloft, World Wide Suicide, Animal, Got Some, State of Love and Trust, I Am Mine, Unthought Known, Rearviewmirror, The Fixer, Nothing as it Seems, In Hiding, Just Breathe, Jeremy, Public Image, Spin the Black Circle, Porch, Alive, Yellow Ledbetter
(January 18, 2011)
Vs.: Legacy Edition
Tracklist: Go, Animal, Daughter, Glorified G, Dissident, W.M.A., Blood, Elderly Woman Behind the Counter in a Small Town, Rats, Leash, Indifference, Hold On, Cready Stomp, Crazy Mary
(March 29, 2011)
Vitalogy: Legacy Edition
Tracklist: Last Exit, Spin the Black Circle, Not For You, Tremor Christ, Nothingman, Whipping, Pry, to, Corduroy, Bugs, Satan’s Bed, Betterman, Aye Davanita, Immortality, Stupid Mop, Nothingman (demo), Corduroy (alternate), Betterman (alternate)
(March 29, 2011)
Ukulele Songs
Tracklist: Can’t Keep, Sleeping by Myself, Without You, More Than You Know, Goodbye, Broken Heart, Satellite, Longing to Belong, Hey Fahkah, You’re True, Light Today, Sleepless Nights, Once in a While, Waving Palms, Tonight You Belong to Me, Dream a Little Dream
(May 31, 2011)
Pearl Jam Twenty
Tracklist: Release, Alive, Garden, Why Go, Black, Blood, Last Exit, Not For You, Do the Evolution, Thumbing My Way, Crown of Thorns, Let Me Sleep (Christmas Time), Walk With Me, Just Breathe, Say Hello 2 Heaven, Times of Trouble, Acoustic #1, It Ain’t Like That, Need to Know, Be Like Wind, Given to Fly, Nothing As It Seems, Nothing As It Seems, Indifference, Of the Girl, Faithfull, Bu$hleaguer, Betterman, Rearviewmirror
(September 20, 2011)

x-mas singles

Let Me Sleep (It’s Christmas Time)
Sonic Reducer
Ramblings II
Ramblings III
History Never Repeats (live)
Sonic Reducer (live)
Swallow My Pride (live)
My Way (live)
Olympic Platinum
Smile (live)
Happy When I’m Crying
Live For Today
Soldier of Love
Last Kiss
Strangest Tribe
Crown of Thorns (live)
Can’t Help Falling in Love (live)
Last Soldier (live)
Indifference (live)
Gimme Some Truth (live)
I Just Want to Have Something to Do
Don’t Believe in Christmas
Sleepless Nights (live)
Reach Down (live)
I Believe in Miracles (live)
Someday at Christmas
Little Sister (live w/Robert Plante)
Gone (demo)
Love Reign O’er Me
Rockin’ in the Free World (live w/U2)
Santa God
Jingle Bells

Santa Cruz
Golden State
Turning Mist
Hawaii ’78 (live)
Falling Down (live)
No Jeremy (live)


Single Video Theory
Music video/documentary chronicling the rehearsal and recording sessions for Yield in Seattle, WA.
(November 24, 1998)
Touring Band 2000
Binaural Tour Highlights
(May 1, 2001)
Live at the Showbox
12.6.02 show at the Showbox, Seattle, WA
Live at the Garden
July 8, 2003 show at Madison Square Garden
(November 11, 2003)
Immagine In Cornice (Picture in a Frame)
Highlights of 2007 Italian tour
(September 25, 2007)
Water on the Road: Eddie Vedder Live
Highlights of 2011 solo tour
(June 28, 2011)

Pearl Jam Ten Club (Official Site)
Two Feet Thick (Setlist Archive)
The Sky I Scrape (Everything)

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