All Apologies

I’m debating whether or not to apologize for last week’s entry and whether or not it’s a sign of a larger problem. Alright, nothin’ doin’. I will not apologize for being ripped. Life’s too short not to be ripped at least six times a month. I am confident you agree with me.

Thanksgiving was a good, if low-key, affair this year. A few high school chums came into town for the short week and we mainly just hung out at the townie bars in East Aurora. Never did get to see Jamie, as her plane got stuck in Syracuse or Rochester or West Jahunga.

Man, I’m reading that last paragraph and low-key is right. How about freaking dead on arrival?

My friend Lauren, a fellow Clarksonsite, was home for the week as well as I am indebted to she and her family for providing me with my allowance of turkey for the holiday. I worked 12-8:30 on Thanksgiving and the family was down in Ohio so it was going to be a solo effort this year if not for her. Much obliged. I’ll be venturing up to Connecticut at some point to crash East Hartford, with Lauren’s guidance. I hear it’s just like Boston there, just without that "Boston feel."

In my mind, that last sentence was hilarious, because I’m basically pointing out that East Hartford is nothing like Boston. Do you get it?

I’m retardedaag;lakjfh;ladjh;ajh;ailej;lagh

Sorry, I can’t compose an entry in the guise of my usual witty self. This entry sucks. I’ll try to do better next time, but I’m lacking any sort of inspiration right now. I spent the day composing a far-too-long grievance directed to my boss with regard to the problems I see in the Adelphia chat program. If that sounds exciting to you, well lemme tell ya–it’s not and you need to get out more.

I’ll try to do better next week. I promise. And I’m working on getting the remaining incomplete sections of the site updated as well, the Question of the Week in particular is sorely in need of implementation. Patience is a virtue…