Getting kinda used to insane

Not quite as good as its companion episode, “The Constant” from season 4, but “The Variable” certainly had me engaged from start to finish this evening. It did feel a bit more like a “gap-filling” episode than a mind=blowing wizbang-a-thon that would shake the very foundations of our Lost understanding. That’s probably a good thing, because it’s been a long day and I’m not sure I can manage more than 16 paragraphs on this before I pass out. That said, we should probably try and pin down the Faraday Rules of Time that seemed to have been explained clearly and logically enough tonight…or were they?

faraday mom
“Do you know what the hell he’s talking about? Nah, me neither.”

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What a wonderful smell you've discovered!

A somewhat lighter episode of Lost tonight, though it never felt like we were treading water until a sure-to-be-more-action-packed episode in two weeks. We filled in some gaps in Miles’ backstory, and well…alright, maybe we were treading water a bit. But it was some enjoyable treading.

who farted
C’mon, it was enjoyable, right?

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As long as the dead guy says there's a reason…

Hot damn! Much unlike last week’s three minutes of awesome preceded by 57 minutes of yawn, tonight’s episode kept me interested from start to finish. That last three minutes certainly packed a punch, but the episode as a whole kept me at rapt attention throughout. And therein might lie a crack in the mostly impenetrable facade of Lost. If Locke and/or Ben and/or Smokey ain’t onscreen, the show can be quite a bit less interesting.

ben smoke

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Mayville Man Works To Help Parkinson’s Patients

In the fall of 2005, Jim Fischer of Mayville visited a neurologist because his left hand was shaking.

dad phoneThe doctor surmised that it was ”because you’re in your 60s,” sending the message that things like this happen when you grow older.

Having started in his little finger, the tremors soon increased, his arm began curling inward and he lost his arm swing when walking. Soon his left leg began dragging. His wife, Fairlee, would tell him to speak louder and he wondered if she was losing her hearing. No. His voice quality was losing volume.

He used no medication for six months. Fortunately, his local physician referred him to another neurologist who ruled out other problems and diagnosed him with Parkinson’s disease, primarily a movement disorder.

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Whatever Happened, …aaah, whatever!

Perfect timing for an episode that didn’t do much to advance the time travel plot but did manage to take some time and answer a burning question or two, particularly when I don’t have a lot of time to write about it. This’ll be a somewhat abbreviated post because, quite frankly, this whole week’s been a punch in the face so far, and I could use some sleep. Let’s see if I can finish this up before midnight. Time’s a-wastin’.

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