Look How Far You've Come

I remember, way back when in season 3, trying to decipher the newspaper article Jack came upon while gallivanting across the Pacific in an alcohol-soaked, prescription-drug-fueled haze, intent on either ending his life or having his plane crash on the Island once again. Jack had come to a crisis of faith and would’ve rather died than live with the choices he’d made. He’d become a pathetic, hopeless man who had nothing left to live for; no purpose.

jack suicide

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Oscar 2009

Another entry in my Official Running Diary Blog Post Blatantly Stolen From Bill Simmons™: Oscar Night 2009! Huzzah! Let’s get right to it.

8:00pm: The pre-show starts, covering the red carpet. Hosted by Robin Roberts and Tim Gunn, who starts off by yammering about fashion or something, and then makes a joke about topless strippers to actress Amy Adams. Jeff turns TV off.

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We're not going to Guam, are we?

We’re back…in 2004…or maybe 1984 (more on that later). The very first shot of the episode was that of Jack’s eye from the series premiere nearly five years ago. I’m pretty sure it’s the same footage of his eye from that premiere as well, for what it’s worth. Time flies, eh? I’m not sure anyone would’ve predicted our castaways off the Island before the series ended, let alone early in season 5, with six of them trying to get back there. What a long, strange trip it’s been.

jack eye shot

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The Power of Sports

Last night’s dramatic shootout victory for the Sabres reminded me, not only of everything I love about sports, but also of its amazing power to lift spirits and heal a wounded community’s conscience, if only for a short while. Most of the area woke up to the terrible news of Flight 3407’s crash in Clarence Center the night before, 50 souls perishing in the tragedy. While we know the family members are linked to the crash, it’s striking how few degrees of separation there were between everyone else in the area and those lost.

Just about everyone I talked to on Friday either knew someone on the plane, or had a friend that was related to someone on the plane, or knew the daughter of someone’s fiancée on the plane, etc., etc. Everyone’s linked, and in a region that’s struggled economically in the past decades, those still living here have suffered innumerable blows to its collective spirit over the years.

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Empirical Sense

So we ended last week with the Oceanic 6 one Hurley acquittal away from being reconstituted and ready to head off to the Island. Of course, as TV shows are wont to do, things are never that easy, and I fear we might have to sit through a few episodes of melodramatic whining before everyone wises up and realizes they all have to head back (I particularly enjoyed Ben furthering that cause by yelling at Jack and Sun in the van, telling them he’s gone through hell trying to savae their asses while they sit around and complain). Based on the pace the show’s maintained thus far in season 5, however, I don’t think we’ll have to wait that long. And hell, they can stay reluctant and go on vacation for all I care, as long as we keep getting more pieces of the Island’s backstory filled in.

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White, Discussion


I talk of freedom
You talk of the flag
I talk of revolution
You’d much rather brag

And as the decibels of this disenchanting discourse
Continue to dampen the day
The coin flips again and again, and again, and again
As our santity walks away

All this discussion
Though politically correct
Is dead beyond destruction
Though it leaves me quite erect

And as the final sunset rolls behind the earth
And the clock is finally dead
I’ll look at you, and you’ll look at me
And we’ll cry alot
But this will be what we said
This will be what we said


Look where all this talking got us, baby [x3]

Talk on…

(I warned you
I prepared you
I instructed you
I told you what to expect
All the times and seasons together to this)

Look where all this talking got us, baby [x3]
Look where all this talking got us…
My God…

Lie, liar, liar, liar
Liar, liar, liar, ooh
Ah, ah, ah…

(You, yourselves know soon
That the day so cometh….)

Throwing Copper
Release: April 26, 1994
Lyrics: Ed Kowalczyk
Music: Live

Really Bad Jetlag

The fifth season of Lost continues at a breakneck pace, one I can only hope continues to be the norm through the remainder of the series. In light of its defined stop date at season 6, I’ve gotta think the writers will have plenty to pack into the remaining 30-some episodes. I’m giddy.

aaron giddy

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Super; thanks for asking.

Welcome to another Super Bowl Sunday, America. Despite my presence being required at a Super Bowl party with some friends, I vow nonetheless to bring you my trademark coverage featuring pithy commentary and scathing criticism of everything NBC puts on the air. There may be some good football as well; let’s hope.

Super Bowl XLIII

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