When it started we had high hopes
Now my back’s on the line
My back’s on the ropes

When it started we were alright
But night makes a fool
of us in the daylight

Then we were dying of frustration
Saying Lord lead me not into temptation
But it’s not easy when she turns you on
Sin, stay gone

If you’d only, if you’d only say yes
Whether you will’s anybody’s guess
God only God knows I’m trying my best
But I’m just so tired of this loneliness


So up they picked me by the big toe
I was held from the rooftop then they let go
Dizzily screaming ‘Let the windows down’
As I crawl to the ground

If you’d only if you’d only say yes
Whether you will’s anybody’s guess
God only God knows she won’t let me rest
But I’m just so tired of this loneliness
I have become so tired of this loneliness…

Viva la Vida
Release: 2008
Lyrics: Chris Martin
Music: Coldplay

Step Brothers | A-

director: Adam McKay
starring: Will Ferrell, John C. Reilly, Mary Steenburgen, Richard Jenkins

stepbrothersI’ll make this short and sweet, since a review of a comedy seems kind of ridiculous. Step Brothers is hilarious, and you should all go see the movie about 40-something idiots who still live with their parents. When they move in together, hiliarity ensues. There’s a small sect of people out there that seem not to “get” the whole Will Ferrell as comedy genius idea, and I pity you. Please go continue watching Larry the Cable Guy movies. Add John C. Reilly’s mentally challenged brand of comedy into the flick directed by Anchorman director Adam McKay and you’ve got the recipe for great success! Sexy times! Very nice! Yegshemash! I’m really writing just enough here to maintain the formatting of this post before getting to the world premiere of the “Boats ‘n Hoes” music video, uncut and uncensored. If you’re gonna see Step Brothers, don’t watch quite yet, or you may spoil one of the best moments of the movie.

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Californication: The Conclusion

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Chapter 6: NoHo…Time to Go

Much like a Sunday evening after an amazing weekend, a melancholy starts to set in at the end of a trip, knowing you’ll have to return to the daily grind of your everyday life shortly. Despite that sorrowful attitude, I was determined to enjoy my last day in California by binge drinking, breaking into a Hollywood studio and riding a golf cart at high speeds through an active movie set before driving off a cliff as the cart exploded in a final blaze of glory. OR…I would have dinner with my sister and fall asleep on her couch. I won’t spoil the suspense, but I will say that one of those two things DID happen. So get ready for some excitement…

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