Let’s Get Started, Shall We?

Welcome back, folks! That was a helluva way to start the season, amirite? I’m liable to jump around quite a bit here, so forgive me while I break off some rust and get back in the swing of things. Since we got two episodes tonight, two recaps you’ll get as well. Yes, yes, you’re welcome; please save your applause until the end.

Much like last season’s seminal “The Constant,” you’re liable to get lost pretty quickly if you’re not paying attention to everything Faraday’s been talking about. Hell, even if you’ve been paying close attention to all the timebending madness we’ve seen over the last season, you’re liable to be lost. Let’s try to make sense of things, shall we? I’ll first point you to the “Lost-ions” post I put up Sunday: click here. It’s a good primer to recap everything you might want to remember from the first four seasons. Go ahead; I’ll wait.

The season starts off, appropriately, with a shot of a clock flipping to 8:15am (if you’ve made it to season 5 without going mad, I shouldn’t have to explain the significance of that number) at which point the alarm goes off.


We see a hand hit the snooze button and hear a baby crying. A woman of seeming Asian descent wakes up her bedmate, who we don’t see immediately. My first thought was Ben until the man turns on the record player, which looked suspiciously like the one we saw in The Swan way back in season 2. So, I’m thinking these must be some Dharma folks and indeed, that is the case. We’re in Othertown back when it was still the Dharma Initiative’s happy commune. Combine that with the ethnicity of the woman and baby and who else could it possibly be but the enigmatic Pierre Chang?!


You may know Mr. Chang better as “Mark Wickmund,” “Edgar Halliwax,” or “Dr. Marvin Candle” from the myriad Dharma station orientation videos. We see the irritable Chang, clearly in charge, start recording just such a video for The Arrow (which the tail section survivors called home for a short while) before he gets interrupted by another Initiative member telling him something’s happened at The Orchid. We should all know the station’s purpose; if not, refresh your memory with the orientation video:

Now, discussion of time aside for a moment, it seems clear that the Initiative, at least under Chang’s leadership, isn’t on the Island for benevolent research purposes. His aims seem to be exploitative, intent on harnessing the “limitless energy” inherent in the anomaly his workers are trying to reach by drilling through solid rock to “allow [them] to manipulate time.”

donkey wheel chamber scan

Whatever energy lies behind that rock wall, breached only by the frozen donkey wheel Ben turned in last season’s finale, could apparently wreak havoc on the Island and perhaps the world. As Chang put it, “God help us all” [if that energy is released]. The bloodied miner writhing in pain and bleeding from the nose looks to have been suffering the same “time sickness” symptoms as George Minkowski and Desmond felt last season. Some great stuff–these are the kind of flashbacks I’ve been eager for, going back to the early days of the Initiative. But what this flashback makes abundantly clear as well is that we still have a ton to learn about the Island and its origins.

injured crewman

Of course, the riveting flash into the past is punctuated by the appearance of Daniel Faraday who, unless he’s found the same age-defying wonder drug Richard Alpert uses, has successfully travelled back in time to…do what? Stop Dharma from messing around with the Island? To be answered at a later date; what’s important is that Faraday has somehow figured out to physically travel through time. This is much different than Desmond’s consciousness-leaping going on in “The Constant” and “Flashes Before Your Eyes.”

faraday in dharma helmet

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11 thoughts on “Let’s Get Started, Shall We?”

  1. “Miles makes a comment to Charlotte about it having taken her 20 years to find this place the first time, referring to the Island. This is something that’s been fairly evident since her character was first introduced, but this presents further evidence that she’s been on the Island before, perhaps even having been born there. ”

    I thought Miles said that it took Widmore, not Charlotte, 20 years to find the island?

  2. Excellent post and excellent episode.

    Remember that weird episode with Nikki and Paulo where they got bit by a spider and became paralyzed? I have a feeling that Locke is similarly paralyzed and has not died. Any thoughts on this?

  3. 1. Widmore and Sun combining forces? (to get Kate on Widmore’s side). Yes, I agree, Ben manipulated Kate to “run”.
    2. “I will be respected”, sounds like a comment that Sun’s Dad would make…any correlation with the two men somehow? (Widmore and Paik?)
    3. Great epidsodes, great recaps
    4. The “lost-ions” – keep ’em up…they keep us sane. Thanks!
    5. Juliette says they didn’t “move” when the others did because they were “inside the “????”, was her explanation. Made sense at the time.

  4. Jeff – what do you think of the possiblity of Miles being the song of Dr. Chang?

    Great rundown – thanks for doing it!

  5. Huh, I hadn’t thought of that but it certainly makes sense. Probably the right age and ethnicity. Being born on the Island might explain his abilities as well.

  6. did anyone notice the plane when it almost hit locke and then after it had crash/landed? it does not look like the same plane to me. i dont see any yellow on the bottom of the plane while it’s coming at him, while all other pics of the plane show a yellow bottom.

  7. I found this interesting:

    Why would the seemingly ageless Richard need to wear glasses?

    And my screencap isn’t quite high-quality enough to tell, but is that a new Dharma logo on Richard’s med kit?

  8. The compass alpert gives to ben…..when removing bullet from bens leg..same one locke gives to sayid in season one when sayid says hes making a compass of sorts…to do some orienteering…?

  9. The compass alpert gives to ben…..when removing bullet from bens leg..same one locke gives to sayid in season one when sayid says hes making a compass of sorts…to do some orienteering…?

    Also, when we see martin candles white coat while sitting and recording orientation video he says is for the arrow (which is the jacket i believe he is wearing when going to view drilling problem in the orchid), i think he has on the swan station white coat..continuity error?

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