What a wonderful smell you've discovered!

A somewhat lighter episode of Lost tonight, though it never felt like we were treading water until a sure-to-be-more-action-packed episode in two weeks. We filled in some gaps in Miles’ backstory, and well…alright, maybe we were treading water a bit. But it was some enjoyable treading.

who farted
C’mon, it was enjoyable, right?

I’m going to save my trademark exhaustive and often meandering front page analysis for the wizbang final three episodes of the season starting in two weeks, so I’ll talk about the episode’s title a bit before heading right into the quickest of hits.

“Some Like it Hoth” carries two obvious allusions, one to the classic Billy Wilder comedy film released in 1959 (Some Like It Hot), and to the snowbound planet serving as the hideout of the Rebel Alliance in The Empire Strikes Back (Hoth – that was a picture of it at the end of last week’s post, if you hadn’t caught my drift at that time. Get it? Drift? Like snowdrift? On an ice planet? Ahahahahahahahahahahha.)

Some Like It Hot derives its title from a line in the nursery rhyme, “Pease Porridge Hot.”

Pease porridge hot, pease porridge cold,
Pease porridge in the pot, nine days old;
Some like it hot, some like it cold,
Some like it in the pot, nine days old.

Yes, fascinating. Anyway, the movie itself centers around two guys are on the run from some gangsters and disguise themselves as women so they can join up with an all-female band fronted by Marilyn Monroe. Hilarity ensues and they all end up on a yacht with a millionaire who wants to marry one of the bosom buddies. Hi-oooo; slightly obscure reference to 80’s sitcom for the win!

busom buddies

I suppose we can analogize Hurley and Miles into this freakish scenario somehow, but let’s not and say we did. The title is also a line of dialogue in the film, when one of the guys tells Monroe that he prefers classical music over jazz. Hurley, in the midst of facilitating a reunion between father and son, asks Pierre Chang if he likes jazz music. Chang replies that he prefers country music, which earned him a great “who farted?” look from Miles that earned the show a chuckle from yours truly.

miles irked

Speaking of “who farted,” I particularly enjoyed Chang’s description of what could be in store for Hurley should he blab about the body he smelled out in the back of the Dharma van. “How do you feel about polar bear feces?” This was followed up by the phrases, “weigh turds” and “total douche.” This episode’s writers are after my own lowbrow writing heart. Let’s go off on a tangent here and inform everyone that “Some Like It Hoth” was written by Melinda Hsu Taylor and Greggory Nations. Gregg Nations is considered the official keeper of the show’s bible, keeping track of every plot thread, object and character and how they relate to the “big picture” that we won’t see completed until the series finale next year. If you wanted to find out everything that was to come, Gregg Nations would be the guy to ask.

Hope you found that informative.

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4 thoughts on “What a wonderful smell you've discovered!”

  1. I hope when this show is over, someone makes a dvd of it all, in chronological order…like they did with “Memento”….my head spins!

  2. Faraday does age, he was zapped back in time with Sawyer, Juliet, Miles and the rest. He just disappeared, and none of them have seen him since the time hopping finally stopped. Thus the reason Miles was shocked to see him.

  3. i took hurley’s comments to mean he was rewriting empire so there wouldn’t be a return of the jedi. yes, yes?

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