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Two behind-the-scenes clips from on-set shooting of i ♥ huckabees recently made their way onto the ‘Net, and I feel it’s my duty to join the 687,334 other blogs on the web and post them here. I hope you enjoy the pretentious brats yelling as much as I did.

In 2007, two videos were leaked onto YouTube revealing major on-set arguments between David O. Russell and Lily Tomlin. The first video is footage of a scene in a car containing Tomlin, Dustin Hoffman and Isabelle Huppert in the front of the car with Mark Wahlberg and Naomi Watts in the back seat. Russell cannot be heard, but Tomlin is repeatedly shouting angrily at Russell’s direction. At one point, Tomlin attempts to get out of the car; at another, she berates Watts and Hoffman. The other actors in the scene remain mostly silent throughout the video, except Hoffman, who suggests they carry on shooting the scene. The car scene was never used in the final film.

[flv:/media/huckabees1.flv 425 350]

In the second video, a scene is being filmed in the Jaffe detective offices, Tomlin, Hoffman and Jason Schwartzman are present. Russell gives Tomlin direction until Tomlin criticizes Russell’s directing style. The video is then cut to moments later when Russell rises from the floor and shoves props off of the desk Tomlin is acting behind. Russell shouts obscenities at Tomlin, storming off the set, only to come back a short while later. The argument between the two briefly continues until Russell exits the set again, knocking over a lamp on his way out. [Wikipedia]

[flv:/media/huckabees2.flv 425 350]

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