Every so often I’ll post an entry like this that will consist of some random thoughts that have entered my head lately. The major reason for entries like this is because I can’t put together another long-winded essay about the travails of modern day society and my place in it. (See, that last sentence is purposefully designed to showcase my excellent vocabulary and grammatical skills, rather than illustrating a valid and interesting point.) So, without further ado, I present some short-winded essays on the travails of modern day society and my place in it.

  • The final episode of Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn aired Thursday night on Comedy Central. I think I voiced my approval for this show in an entry a long while ago, but I wanted to bring it up again because I thought it was a great show that never really got much attention.

    I’d never thought much of Quinn in anything he’d done up to this point, but I thought he shined on the show. It’s disappointing the network never gave the show a real chance to find an audience, especially in light of the fact that its lead-in was The Daily Show, and I don’t think I ever once heard Tough Crowd mentioned by Jon Stewart. It’s a shame. Let’s watch the parade of crap continue onward on the major networks (with LAX, Medical Investigation, Dr. Vegas, Center of the Universe, Still Standing, Yes Dear, My Big Fat Obnoxious Boss, and Hawaii) while great shows quietly fade into the graveyard of TV’s past.
  • I haven’t written my review of the Pearl Jam show I went to see in Toledo yet, but I did want to mention the larger issue involved, the Vote For Change Tour that the band was part of, along with Bruce Springsteen, R.E.M., Jurassic 5, John Mellencamp, and others were a part of these past couple of months. The tour was a “grassroots” effort to generate support for John Kerry in the presidential race, and based on the outcome of the election, it did have an impact, though not as great as the organization might’ve liked. I may not agree with the choice of candidate, but I really admire the group’s efforts to drive people to the polls. I think the turnout (some 111 million voters) is evidence of their success, regardless of who won.
  • Went to the Bills/Cardinals game this past Sunday. Miserable weather, but the punting showcase that was the game was relatively entertaining. A win is a win. Hot dogs before the game made the trip to Orchard Park all worthwhile.
  • I paid a visit to Potsdam a few weekends ago, and the one disappointing conclusion I came to out of that weekend is that Greek life at Clarkson is not long for this world.
  • Too much of my free time recently has been spent playing the newest iteration of Grand Theft Auto, San Andreas. It has angered parental groups, Congress, and most of the religious coalition that considers itself the moral authority of American.

    But it’s back, folks, and more amoral than ever. It’s had a remarkable impact on me thus far; I sped my Jeep off of the Grand Canyon last Thursday, and dove out the side window (after shooting it wit’ mah nine, yo!) and parachuted to safety. This game is a corrupting influence in so many ways, and it ought not to be played by any self-respecting individual. But in what other game can you hijack a 747, bet on the ponies, r ride a BMX bike off an 8-story building and survive, flip a car 8 times through the air and land without a scratch, and assault a defenseless pimp with a sex toy?

  • Tedious hour by tedious hour at Adelphia passes, and the influx of retarded customers continues. Recent highlights include a customer that wants to know how to program their TV remote, a customer who would like us to explain why their contact list on their cell phone no longer appears, and a customer who accused Adelphia of "bait-and-switch" tactics because we do not offer services we never said we offered. Weeeeee!!!!
  • Let’s see, what else, ah yes–Vega$. A trip to Sin City is in the works for early March, and would be my first trip out there. As much as I look forward to gambling, it’ll be nice to get the EA crew together again for a drunken weekend of debauchery. I’d also like to get out to LA at some point to see Snake Attack, who has no doubt taken the city by storm ever since shedding his Yugoslavian haircut some years ago.

I may have another entry sometime this week, and I should have my review of the Toledo Pearl Jam show up shortly as well. The Question of the Week is another, well, week away. I’m hard at work thinking about starting to write a cgi script for it. I’ve also gotta put up the reviews for the Reviews section as well. So much to do, so little time…

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