Nothin's changed but the surroundin' bullshit

Ok–right now–I’ve got Love and Peace of Else by U2 blaring over my computer speakers, and I am relatively lathered up from a night of drinking with Jones, Kampff and his German crew–whom I like to call "The Regulators."

This will be the first (possibly of many) of updates I bring you while drunk off of my ass. In order to bring you this update with a minimal amount of spelling errors, I have to type very slowly. Wait–I’m not actually typing that slowly. I’m actually typing at a pretty good clip, and it is due to my drunk-matrix-like focus. Wait.

Ok, I hope you’re enjoying this.

I’m drunk.

I sincerely hope everyone had an enjoyable Thanksgiving. For those of you who didn’t make it home this week, you missed out on Corey Schzznzneenznzy, an appearance by JayMan, and Kampff made an appearance–although he apparently is German now.

Ok–seriously–I can’t see my monitor anymore (I’m about six inches from it). Enjoy your week, everybody. More updates coming soon!

Pearl Jam – Off He Goes……goooood song. I’m going to go look for a sweet picture to put into this entry. Hang on a sec.

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