Coming Soon…

Just in case you thought I was laying around doing nothing, there are scads of updates coming soon.

March of the Penguins (DVD) | A, The Sentinel | C, Apocalypto | A-, Once Upon a Time in the West | A, Hannibal Rising | C+, For Your Consideration | C, Never turn your back on one…, Breach | B+, Sawyer’s Unique Vocabulary, Letters From Iwo Jima | B+, Flags of our Fathers | C+, Syriana | A, Ocean’s 13 | B+, Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer | B-, Things I No Longer Want to See…, Virginia 2007 Trip Report, Reviewpalooza, The Illusionist | B-, Children of Men | A, work history, Quicksand/A Kiss to Send Us Off, The Top Five Pies of All-Time, My Top Five TV Shows of 2006, My Top Five Albums of 2006, My Top Five Movies of 2006, My Top Five Songs of 2006, The Kids Don’t Get It, A History of Violence | B-, Hellboy | B, Constantine | B-, The Aristocrats | B, Quotable Ramblings

Stay tuned. Here’s a sweet picture to tide you over:

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