A Capital Experience

I know, I should just punch myself in the face for that title.

Anyway, I’m just back from an extended weekend jaunt to Philadelphia and Washington, DC for some Pearl Jam, beer, monument-viewing and more Pearl Jam. The band once again proves itself as the best live act working today, and sightseeing in Washington was a rewarding experience I’ll not soon forget.

iwo jima mem.

Pictures are forthcoming, but it’ll take some time, as I have 1,000+ pictures to sort through (yes, 1,000+, most of them blurry, off-center pictures of the sky and/or PJ drummer Matt Cameron’s hi-hat), but there’s sure to be some good stuff. I’m not sure if I’ll do a full trip report yet, but I’ll definitely have reviews of the two Pearl Jam shows I went to. Enjoy your week, everybody.

UPDATE: Pictures are now up. Click here.

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