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I hope you’ve been watching the best show on TV right now, but if you haven’t, you should go catch up immediately. I’ve spent the last several days puzzling over the nearly-infinite number of observations made during Wednesday’s Lost season premiere, and I’m going nuts in anticipation of the next episode. If you’d like to go equally nuts, start watching.

Another side effect of my Lost-mania is my listening to a song by Mama Cass a hundred times. That’s right, everyone’s favorite ham-sandwich-eating musical artist played an important role in the season premiere, which you can find in the Song of the Moment section. Even if no one else sings along, I’ll continue to rave about Lost. Ha ha ha, play on words! Oh yes. I shall look back on this moment with much fondness.

My Pearl Jam review is written, I’ve just gotta HTML it and add a few pics. I should have that up this weekend at some point.

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