Empty Words

Today’s contentious press conference at HSBC Arena with GM Darcy Regier and president Larry “I’m an Assface” Quinn.


(click here if the audio above isn’t working)

Buffalo News writer Bucky Gleason speaks for most of us, I think.

2 thoughts on “Empty Words”

  1. When you have a proven performer like Drury you don’t let him go. I don’t like paying up for guys but this wasn’t going to be a stretch. I guess this is how Galisano made his billions by being tight. ( I am assuming he is as much at fault as his two henchmen) Could be saving his cash to buy the Bills. We all think we are smarter than the guys who run the team but now you really have to wonder as they pretty much say they will give Vanek whatever it takes. Truly awesome negotiation. Of course as I type this I realize they will choke on what he is offered and he will be gone too even though his plus minus proves he has arrived.

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