Dear Editor,

Few things are finer than reading the paper on a Sunday morning, cup of joe in hand, gnawing on a toasted bagel, and reading the letters to the editor in the sports section. Actually, nevermind–I get aggravated and concerned about the ultimate fate of humanity when I read some of these letters, a fact which gives me great anxiety and spoils my morning. Here are two such letters which my reading of led to a 6% decrease in my mental capacity:

The Sabres better get Ryan Miller straightened out or they will not get too far in the playoffs.

He lets too many easy shots get by him. Against Atlanta there was no one in front of him for about 15 feet and he let two goals in.

I still have no faith in him. Good luck.

Ed Kopias

And I’ve lost faith in humanity, Ed; thanks for that. Go ogle over Dominik Hasek and his stellar stats in Detroit; I’ll stick with a 40-win goaltender backstopping the team with the best record in the NHL.

Time marches on in this exciting hockey season. Despite injuries, Buffalo keeps on winning. Everything is going well except for one annoying question. Why is it that Daniel Briere and Chris Drury are still being ignored as far as next season is concerned?

Martin Biron and Jiri Novotny are gone, and the locker room is not disrupted, as Darcy Regier predicted.

My advice to Tom Golisano is to call Larry Quinn and Regier into his office and fire these two clowns. Sign Lindy Ruff to a 10-year contract and then get a higher echelon that knows how to run a hockey franchise, and watch the Sabres prosper.

Joe Mullen

Joe, I’d like to sign you to a 10-year contract with a state psychiatric facility. I’ll even throw in a leather recliner and a 42″ plasma TV, on which you can watch the Sabres’ playoff run–a 100+-point team constructed by none other than Darcy Regier.

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