The Bourne Supremacy | B+

director: Paul Greengrass
starring: Matt Damon, Joan Allen, Brian Cox, Karl Urban

Supremacy continues the trend of “intelligent action” that the first Bourne movie started; though this time around it’s a much leaner movie: short on dialogue and long on action sequences, but no less entertaining on a psychological level than the first movie. Wow, that was a great run-on sentence. The action is great, and I think the movie has one of the best car chase sequences ever put on film. The realism factor here is what really sells the flick, too. You’re not gonna see that kung fu, flying through the air fights while firing at each other with a gun in each hand. You get right in close here, mano y mano, each landing body blows and struggling to hold their opponent off. The only issue some might have is getting headache during said fights because of the ultra-quick cuts and pans, but I love it. I’m really impressed with the Bourne movies thus far, and I hope The Bourne Ultimatum concludes the series with the same intelligence the first two have exhibited.

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