National Treasure | D+

director: Jon Turteltaub
starring: Nicolas Cage, Sean Bean

This movie wants so badly to be The da Vinci Code, but fails on just about every level. It lacks any coherent plot; it lacks any real excitement; and it lacks the footing in reality that makes the aforementioned bestseller so intriguing. The basic idea is that Nic Cage’s character has to steal the Declaration of Independence (and the hidden map on its backside) in order to a) keep it from thieves he used to work with who want to use it for nefarious means (i.e. finding a treasure) and b) finding said treasure (why it’s okay for him to find it and not the bad guy is never made clear). When’s the last time Nicolas Cage made a good movie? His acting is almost as bad as the hairpiece he wears. Catch this flick when it’s on cable, like I did.

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