LOTR: The Two Towers | A

director: Peter Jackson
starring: Elijah Wood, Sean Astin, Viggo Mortenson, Ian McKellan

The second chapter of the Lord of the Rings saga picks up pretty much right where Fellowship left off; and the quality is maintained throughout. The fact that all 3 movies were filmed at once results in a seamless transition from movie to movie, and the resulting work (acting, directing, set design, etc, etc) all reaches a standard that is maintained. The CG work in Two Towers is what may stand out the most, the character work on Gollum likely being the pinnacle of computer-generated character animation to this point. Culminating with one of the greatest battles ever “filmed” at Helm’s Deep, The Two Towers more than holds its own as a standalone movie; but more than adequately bridges the first movie and the saga’s conclusion in Return of the King.

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