It’s been a rough eight years for this country and the choice American citizens make today will have consequences for years to come, likely well after the administration of whoever wins is over. At least, let’s hope it does, because I’m not sure we can afford another status quo administration–Democrat or Republican–in the long term.

Never have I felt so empowered being able to vote in an election; this is the first time I’ve felt like there’s something truly at stake here. The past several races have featured candidates I found a difficult time tolerating, let alone embracing as a symbol of that ever-elusive “change” we’re all seemingly looking for. Both candidates in 2008 are using that buzzword again, but I feel like they both mean it this time. We get to decide who’ll have the chance to deliver it. Democracy has never felt more tangible to me. I think that’s a sentiment shared by a lot of my generation–a generation that’s nearing the time where we’ll make our mark and be able to influence the direction this country goes in. (And yes, this means kids will take over the country and put all adults in internment camps. 24/7 partytime!)

So please, get out and vote on Tuesday. Be a maverick and put that bag of Cheetos down, get off the couch and get to your local polling place. If you’ve got time to read a barely above-average blog (aw yeh), you have time to go vote. Don’t worry, I’ll have all manner of chimp video and alcohol-fueled ranting here waiting when you get back.

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  1. I heard that in Obama’s first 30 days he will be tearing down the Statue of Liberty —and replacing her with a statue of Aunt Jemima….

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