One thought on “I post Youtube video. You decide.”

  1. I don’t look at any of the “news” shows like O’reilly or the Colbert report, or Bill Maher as “news”…to me they are simply “entertainment”, and I view them as such. This is true of virtually any “news” show. They present what they want with the spin that they want. However, they all provide food for thought, whether right or left, which in and of itself is “good”. If I want to “research” who to vote for, I don’t do it through any “news” source. I try to read as much as possible pro and con, and watch the debates and see for myself who sounds real….every voter has a responsibility to “vote intelligently”, not just “vote”. We shouldn’t rely on one source to get our information. FoxNews is obviously “right”, just like the NY Times is obviously “left”. As the expression goes, “consider the source”. Just because it is “reported”, doesn’t make it so….. Good clips, though….I enjoyed the obvious hypocrisy you always see with OReilly spouting off…..I guess if they tell you they are “fair and balanced”, they just might get enough people that see it, and subtely believe it..”power of suggestion”. Just my “two cents’….

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