Lost: Via Domus

Via DomusWith the show on hiatus this week, I feel obligated to fill this space with some sort of Lost-related post. Since there’s no real relevant news concerning the show itself, we must turn to other mediums. So, having just received a copy of the XBOX 360 videogame tie-in, entitled “Lost: Via Domus,” it feels like an opportune time to review the game here.

It sucks.

Thanks for tuning in this week. See you next time!

Okay, but seriously, I turned this off after about ten minutes of gameplay. The graphics are meh, the controls feel like you’re trying to push a 2-ton rock through a 3-foot deep mud pit, the voice acting has all the charm of a root canal, and the story…well, I only played ten minutes, but there wasn’t anything of enough interest in that timeframe to dissuade me from ejecting the disc and throwing it across the room (or, at least wanting to do so).

Within that ten minutes, you’re subjected to approximately 30 “LOADING…” screens, waiting for the next location or cutscene to load. Thankfully, this was a Netflix-like rental so no money was wasted. So, please don’t fret for my financial status. Here’s the wizbang ending, for those who care:

The show’s creators have said the game is NOT canon, so that clip is absolutely meaningless. Hooray!

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