Lost Reading

Some of the more worthwhile articles, videos and interviews concerning Lost I’ve read over the past week. This should tide you over ’til tomorrow (literature-wise).

Lost-ions – My updated list of the “Answers” we’re all looking for.

Locke Around the Clock – Former Newark Star-Ledger columnist Alan Sepinwall recaps “What They Died For.”

AICN Interview – An interview conducted with show co-creator Damon Lindelof shortly before the pilot aired in 2004.

815 Sentences About Lost – You get the idea.

The B.S. Report – ESPN columnist Bill Simmons chats with show-runner Carlton Cuse.

Totally Lost – A very entertaining video chronicling Jacob and the Man in Black in therapy.

May Lost Mysteries Never Come to an End – L.A. Times columnist Robert Lloyd does a good job verbalizing the true source of the apparent dissatisfaction many fans have had with the “Answers” that’ve been given this season.

The Men Who Made Lost – The New York Times did a great interview with show-runners Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse. Expect it to be the last one you’ll see with the pair for quite a while.

Countdown to Lost – “Entertainment Weekly’s” Doc Jensen does a good job at describing the thoughts of those of us just weird enough to continue analyzing the infinite facets of the show’s mythology.

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