Ich beleuchte mich jetzt auf feuer

If you’re one of the three people in the Western New York who have not yet watched this video, enjoy.

That saves me the time I would have spent writing a sixteen-paragraph diatribe on how wacked out this move is (for better or worse), and how sick I am of hearing local radio talk show hosts and ESPN talk about this move making Buffalo “relevant” again. Who the frick cares about being “relevant?” Win some football games; that’s all the relevance I need. Being on ESPN every hour of the day does not equate to the kind of relevance anyone should want or need. Okay, I better stop now, lest I light myself on fire once again.


Really, there’s not much more negative commentary to offer on the Buffalo Bills this season. Before providing the link to the image gallery, I’ll just offer you the fact that I gave all available effort to berating offensive coordinator Turk Schonert after each dumbass offensive play call. Turk was about ten rows behind me, in the relative comfort of a warm booth shielded from the elements. While I very much would like to keep Billieving, I have to weigh that commitment against the countless hours wasted rooting this team on. I’m fairly certain it’s starting to shave months off of my lifespan. Bills Fever! Catch it!

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