Californication: Part Four

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Chapter 4: NoCal Swan Song

Having watched a bit of the classic WarGames, starring Matthew Broderick, just before bed last night, I woke with visions of global thermonuclear war and the ensuing apocalypse in my head. I’m pretty sure the dreams I’d had somehow crossed WarGames with Project X, as I’d seen scenes from WarGames being played out with chimp fighter pilots.

Project X

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Californication: A Novel


Here beginneth a tale of both frivolity and peril: a recounting of the author’s quest to find the truth behind the many bridges of the Bay Area (see this week’s QotW) and their role in shaping America’s history. In addition, I will tell you about the sweet bread bowl I ate. I also saw some sweet trees and a buncha boats. There you have it–a summary of my entire trip. If that’s not enough to keep your desire for all things Fischer sated, read on for the epic tale that is Californiacation: The Official 2007 California Trip Report by Jeff Fischer, author and creator of, a website devoted to Jeff Fischer and his writings on myriad topics, including Jeff Fischer, who happens to have a website called Ahem.

Chapter 1: Of Airplanes and Alcatraz

Hooray for four-and-a-half-hour flights in seats you couldn’t fit a little person into, jammed against the plane wall by a large woman who speaks in a pronounced southern drawl! I’ll save the rest of my rant against AirTran Airways for another post (sooner than later) and instead focus on the lovely scenery I saw of the western United States while my face was pressed up against the window.

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