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  • So there were some casualties in the crash of Ajira 316. The co-pilot was treated to a tree branch through the heart. Is that blood on the hands of the Oceanic 6? Would Ajira 316 still have crashed on the Island had they not been onboard?

    copilot dead

    Eloise Hawking indicated the 6 could only get back to the Island if the circumstances of Flight 316 mirrored Oceanic 815 as closely as possible. So, does that mean Ajira 316 would’ve completed its flightplan to Guam without incident had they not been onboard? This crash wasn’t caused by an electromagnetic pulse from the Swan; Ajira 316 appeared to be caught in a time flash. So, the affected area of that flash would have enveloped the plane anyway, or the Island somehow detected the presence of the castaways onboard and expanded its reach.

  • As speculated elsewhere previously, the Others did indeed have a captive Sawyer, Kate and company working on a runway on the Hydra island. Captain Lapidus and his passengers thank you.


  • I couldn’t quite make it out, but Ilana (formerly known, by me, as the “Law Enforcement Lady”) said a name when she was woken up by Caesar after the crash. Sharga? Shara? Sacajawea?

    ilana wakes

  • Radzinsky, the oft-mentioned but never-before-seen (unless you count that red stain on the ceiling of Swan Station) Dharma Initiative member who bunked with Kelvin Inman, is finally revealed.


    We meet him at The Flame, monitoring communications and security for the Initiative. And a little model-making in his spare time.

    swan model

    Of course, that model is of (the yet-to-be-built?) Swan Station. Did Radzinsky know exactly what the purpose of the station would be? If so, it’s odd that he’d end up there pushing the button every 108 minutes and eventually be driven to suicide by shotgun (again, the red stain on the ceiling). So, it stands to reason he did know the purpose of the station and had no choice but to stay there and push the button to release whatever electromagnetic/radioactive energy the buried Jughead hydrogen bomb was emitting, lest very bad things happen.

  • We learn a couple of interesting things from a hammock-entrenched Amy. One, her’s and Horace Goodspeed’s son is none other than Ethan Rom!


    So Ethan, like Ben, was originally a member of Dharma. What turned him? Did the Hostiles nab him sometime prior to The Purge?

  • We also learn from Amy that two of the potential Initiative members they recruited back on the mainland dropped out because they refused to take the sedative required prior to their submarine journey to the Island. Have we ever established why they need to take that sedative? Does Dharma want to keep the route secret? Or is there some biological requirement to be sleeping through that journey? If the latter, who’s piloting the sub? Does it have an auto-pilot?

    And another “also:” Dharma is getting a new batch of recruits in six months, according to Sawyer. How often are they getting new members? I’m not sure the Hostiles are pleased with the Initiative’s numbers expanding, virus-like, on the Island. An appropriate analogy in light of the way that “virus” was erradicated vis a vis The Purge. I’ve exceeded my “vis a vis” usage quota for this post; forgive me.

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  1. Thanks, Worf.

    I think Claire was also in the rec room with Christian. (Watch the episode again, because my screenshot doesn’t really show it that well.)


  2. Dear God, spelling and grammar errors galore in this post. My deepest apologies. I shall not correct them, for posterity’s sake, as proof of my having been 72% asleep during its composition.

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