Whatever Happened, …aaah, whatever!

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  • Some good analysis of Carlos Castenada’s A Separate Reality book Ben gave to Sayid last week, and its application to Lost.

    Which brings us back to Castaneda. According to the writer, the warrior-traveler seeking life-changing, mind-expanding enlightenment is sometimes aided — and sometimes menaced — in his or her quest by otherworldly or ”inorganic” beings. Often times, they take forms chosen by the subconscious. Indeed, sometimes they are nothing but projections of our subconscious, but we don’t recognize them as such. These entities stick to their own turf, but can quite easily pass through the ”band of energy” that separates our respective dimensions to interact with human beings. Would-be warrior-travelers need to confront, engage, and master these entities in order to gain knowledge. Once mastered, these hostile entities are known by a new name: ”the Allies.” These ”Allies” don’t mind too much being mastered by their human friends. Indeed, they often forge partnerships with them and are willing to submit to their leadership.
    APPLICATION TO LOST: The Hostiles/the Others = ”the Allies.” Ben’s visions of his mother in the jungle = Ally as ”subconscious projection.” Sonic Fence = ”Band of Energy.” (Remember what Richard told Horace? ”Your fence can’t keep us out.” An ”Ally” can say the same thing.) The Others’ leadership structure = the Ally/warrior-traveler partnership.

    According to Castaneda, there is one particularly monstrous inorganic entity that can rarely, if ever, be tamed: a creature known as a ”mud shadow” or ”flyer.” Castaneda writes: ”The flyers are an essential part of the universe…and they must be taken as what they really are — awesome, monstrous. They are the means by which the universe tests us.”
    APPLICATION TO LOST: Hellllo, Smokey. [EW]

    Some more good stuff can be found in that article; happy reading.

Well, I was close; just a few ticks past midnight. Good night.

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