8:24pm Let’s try some football: we have a Chad Ochocino sighting as he hauls in the longest pass play of the game thus far.

8:38pm The Pats secondary seems to have tightened up during the halftime show. No more easy looks for Eli and his receivers.

8:40pm I do not equate Fiats with ultrahot supermodels. I instead picture an irritable old lady living in a European shed. (Don’t ask me what makes a shed European.)

TWEET @JustinStangel: “So… the guy wanted to nail a Fiat? #lateshowwriters”

8:42pm Good Toyota commercial. (We’re all on the edge of nacho-induced exhaustion at this point. Spare me the lectures on my increasingly less hilarious diary entries.)

8:46pm A great Acura commercial tainted by a LENOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

Please fly into a building.

8:48pm I have “SUCK IT BRADY” written in my notebook for this time. Just make up your own reason.

8:49pm Can someone explain to me why you had to remix that song? (Crotchety level increasing…)

That said, pretty good soundtracks to all of the commercials thus far tonight. This does not, however, excuse the glaring lack of chimps presented thus far tonight. WHAT ARE YOU DOING, MADISON AVENUE?

8:55pm Lindsey is pretty sure NBC play-by-play man Al Michaels just said something about “fondling beads.”

8:56pm Entering coma….send more beer….nachos….zzzzzzz…..

TWEET @pthomas3434 (Thurman Thomas’ wife): “Tom Brady just licked his #wienerhands”

End of Quarter Score & Temperament Update™
Score: Patriots 17, Giants 15
Melanie’s Mood: Asleep

9:04pm The Giants waning chances of winning are brightened by a Brady interception! I say again: SUCK IT, BRADY!

9:06pm Good Honda commercial featuring Ferris Bueller. Is it me or are there many more quality ads featured late in the game this year? Did NBC rig the game to be close late and clue in the advertisers?

TWEET @Andrea_Kremer (NBC sideline reporter renowned for her ability to break incredible news): “Collinsworth: you cannot burn these timeouts. Right on Cris!”

9:21pm I was about to call the Kia “Dream Car” commercial the best of the night until….


Thank you, Jebus.


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