Meant to Be

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  • Kate’s name is crossed off, but why? Was it crossed off when she killed her stepfather, somehow rendering her “unworthy” in Jacob’s eyes? (Recall he made contact with her well before that, when she was caught shoplifting as a kid.) Or was the cave all just one of Jacob’s ruses to trick Esau into leaving a loose end? We never did see Kate’s name on the lighthouse dial, which seems to be the definitive record of candidacy. One wonders where Widmore got his list of 4 names (Jin, Sun, Hurley, Sawyer).
  • The Kwons can be crossed off the list, right? I know they’re still alive in the X-timeline, but I have a feeling their parts have come to an end — the X-Kwons will serve simply as the example of choosing to stay in the X timeline.

    jin hospital

  • I think we can cross Sayid off the list. Anakin Jarrah was brought back from the dark side by the well-bound Desmond and chooses to save the other candidates by falling on the proverbial grenade.

    sayid c4

    He’s still around in the X timeline but I think, much like Sun and Jin, he’s played his part.

  • I’m not quite sure what to make of Hurley at this point, but his role has been as intermediary between Jacob and the other candidates. He’s shown some flashes of leadership, but I’ve got no reason at this stage to think he’ll ultimately take Jacob’s place. Not enough chicken on the Island, after all.
  • Anthony Cooper, beloved father to John Locke. We learn fledgling pilot Locke took his terrified dad up for a flight and crashed shortly after takeoff. Locke doesn’t recall what he did wrong (a bit of course correction, perhaps) but he ended up paralyzed and his father a vegetable.

    cooper catatonic

  • We learn Bernard performed emergency oral surgery after Locke’s plane crash, which is one of the triggers for Jack’s “WTF is going on?” looks as he runs into yet another one of his fellow Oceanic 815-X passengers.

    bernard teeth

    Bernard certainly seemed at ease with the coincidental nature of both he and Jack having been on Oceanic 815. Might he have already had his jaunt through the looking-glass and experienced the Island timeline?

  • You’ll recall Jacob made contact with Jack by handing him an Apollo bar.

    claire apollo

    Claire refuses the candy bar — does this have an implication in the X timeline? Or is it just an indication Claire’s not a candidate? Am I dwelling on this a tad too much?

  • Smokey’s attack on the Hydra compound reminded me very much of the opening scene of Jurassic Park.

    jurassic park


    jack claire mirror

    The device has been used to signify a turning point or trigger of decision this season, and in this instance it seems to have cemented the relationship between Jack and Claire as brother and sister. Extrapolating, I take this to mean Jack won’t allow Smokey to hang onto Claire in the Island timeline.

  • I vaguely, vaguely recall that music box from a past episode, but can’t quite place it.

    music box

    I’m sure another site’ll have it so I’ll get to it in the next section.

  • Where’s Frank?
  • I’m sure you all recognized the submarine’s warning klaxon as the very same the Numbers computer generated when the timer began to run out in Swan Station.
  • Esau knows the C4 went off and sunk the sub, but also knows there are candidates still living? How? He must have some inherent sense of the bonds chaining him to the Island, or perhaps some sort of transformation will take place if all of Jacob’s replacements are gone.

    esau dock

    By the way, can you just give us Smokey’s damn name already, please? The previews for next week look like they might be heading in that direction, but having to refer to the man in black by eight different names all season’s been a pain in the ass, eh?


13 thoughts on “Meant to Be”

  1. You’re right…What happened to Frank? I was also wondering what happened to Ben? is he with Richard now?

    Also, The song from the music box is the song Kate has sung to Aaron in the past, and Claire was singing it while she was sitting in the hole in the temple.

  2. Great stuff! Thanks!

    Last week’s enhanced episode revealed something I didn’t realize. I remark on your comment that maybe Kate was crossed off because she killed her father…The enhanced caption indicates that everyone that is brought to the island, at least our candidates, is there because directly or indirectly they were responsible for someone’s death. So, the fact that Kate “killed” someone, just cements her place there. If you think about it, that statement is true. Each of the candidates was responsible for someone’s death.

    And, last week, didn’t we also “read/learn” that Kate’s name was on the lighthouse dial? which implies she does have a part to play?

    I think Frank’s ok, but where is Ben? Maybe back with Desmond in the well? I forget!

    The music box reminded me of when Dogen opens the box containing the sword that is supposed to be able to kill Esau….

    I miss Sun and Jin. I loved that couple….so, maybe it will be their daughter, that becomes the island’s keeper….she’ll come in the future, to find her parents…..

    Oh, yes, do we know yet, who Penny’s Mom is?

  3. Did Jack/Claire’s father give that music box to Claire’s Mom, for Claire, when he visited Claire’s mom in the hospital after the car accident many seasons back?

  4. it seemed pretty clear that frank bit the big one when that door with gushing water behind it took him out on the sub.

  5. Wasn’t Frank waffled by a sub chamber door shot at him by the surge of water? I’m pretty sure he didn’t survive either bring the death toll to 4. Sayid, the Kwons and Frank. Right?

  6. Do we believe that Rose and Bernard are still alive on the island? I don’t believe we’ve seen them since beach-side hut in the 70’s …

  7. Speaking of Penny – Where is she? When they dragged Desmond from his ‘storage compartment’ on the sub, did they mention what they had done with his wife and child? Maybe she’ll show up as the last ferry home?

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